A closer look at the Turkish offensive in northern Syria

Sometimes, you get opportunities to recognize who is your enemy and who is your friend, especially in a region where everyone has interests that are in constant change.

As a matter of fact, the attitude of these countries clearly reflects the personality of its people. People that know no bounds either when praising or criticizing would not get bothered at all when doing the opposite for the same person. Only rare people with noble feelings and pure souls feel ashamed. However, those who desire power at all costs do not care about the mistakes made by those who have more power. Sometimes with the purpose of holding on to their positions or sometimes establishing the order they long for, they exhibit such behaviour.

Israel, the United States and Saudi Arabia, from time to time, take advantage of people living in the region. Accordingly, we should analyse the reactions of Palestine and some Arab countries about the Operation Peace Spring in consideration of the abovementioned facts.

This is the land of people who believe they have the right of mistreat other people when they have power just because they have once been unjustly treated. This is the key reason why these countries in the region can never achieve development since the only thing they try to do is to achieve or possess “the largest, the biggest, the longest and the most expensive” of everything. If they fail to achieve their goals, they would look back on history to find the glorious eras of their past to sing their own praises. If they don’t have any past glorious endeavours, they would even dare to rewrite their own history.

This is the land where the rich man’s wealth tires the poor man’s jaw. Many people around here try to tell the world that they were rich once too. But they never tell why they lost their wealth in the first place. Could it be they feel ashamed or they do not know why they lost it or maybe because what they will tell you would be a complete lie. As we live in the land of people who think money is more important than education, being a money-making machine would be the greatest treasure of all.

“We shall avoid seeing no contradiction in being envious of things for which we lost many lives to save…”

Accordingly, it’s utterly difficult to achieve stability in this poverty-stricken region we live in. And it’s easy to take advantage of people’s poverty. There, a fine education is sadly a luxury. Politicians, who are perfectly aware of this fact, use religion as a political instrument to manipulate people by taking advantage of their faith whenever they feel pressure.

With the foundation of Turkish Republic by Ataturk, modern Turkey has been finally freed from these negative habits of people living in the region. I know that the Western Civilization struggles with plenty of corruption, yet there is nothing good for us in the Middle East. The reason why today Turkey is continuing its offensive against terrorist-held areas in the Middle East is obvious. The source of the instability is obvious too. They key point here is that Turkey must avoid at all costs envying the lifestyle, government style and political style of countries stricken with instability.

No profit is worth falling into such mistakes. We shall avoid seeing no contradiction in being envious of things the Middle East region possesses, especially when we lose many lives to save those things…”