A little evil for a greater good…!

We end a bumpy week. As diplomatic traffic between Turkey and the US continues at fast pace, America says: “We have soldiers there. We better avoid face each other” statement.

Turkey answers : “We will continue the operation. So, you better withdraw your forces”. To tell you the truth, I don’t expect America to leave those terrorist groups alone so easily given the fact that the US has been providing them with military support for years. However, it would not be first time that America easily abandons groups whom they used to support but recognised as terrorists today, even try to eliminate them.

Everything we set to do with the “A little evil for a greater good” intention in mind usually ends in pain and misery. When we look at history, we see powers that have been forced upon people, at the expense of human lives, were doomed to downfall. But, what really makes me think is that the US has not been able to quit making the same mistakes over and over again. Many global surveys and studies show that people no longer consider America as a “world leader” or “reliable”. US Administration tries to earn sympathy from Americans by interpreting this situation as an increasing “anti-Americanism”.

As a matter of fact, America acts like a teenager whining and complaining all the time, “Nobody loves me!” or “Nobody understands me!” A constant state of bullying, inconsistency and dysfunctional relationships with others, which surely makes an American intellectual sadder than all of us…

“Drawing up regulations is art…”

Now, let’s take a quick look at the situation in Turkey. Luckily, military operation in Afrin has not brought any huge negative impact on markets yet. I can say that BIST will try to hit higher levels as long as treasury tenders maintains good balance and there won’t be any big exchange rate jumps.

As for the Industry and Exports, Turkey should take more encouraging steps not only for attracting new investments but also for the existing ones as well. That is to say, although newly issued regulations and laws cover incentives for people engaging in new investments, they have not been designed in a way to prevent competition from getting damaged.

It is absolutely crucial to make and draw up regulations very carefully in order to maintain an effective management of good days.