Armageddon ?

It looks like the Turkish delegation’s talks in the US did not bring the desired result. As I have engaged in diplomatic talks with the US parties many times before, I am well aware that the secret to it is to study their general approach first and then set forth the antitheses rapidly. They must have been tested whether or not there is a similarity between the intel they gathered through the CIA, including the pastor issue, and the information provided by the Turkish delegation.

But is this ongoing situation the result of a problem which only arises a week ago? Of course not. Everything got clearer when I combined the info I received from both Prof. Dr. Çağrı Erhan and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kasım Han with the info I already have. During Bill Clinton’s office, presidential candidate Bush had launched a campaign very similar to Trump’s “We will make America great again”. A very harsh campaign trying to impose that Clinton and Democrats administration were causing the US’s global perception to retrogress. They placed full-page advertisements in newspapers and finally they defeated the democrats as a result of a disputed election.

Ever since, the Evangelists have been organising throughout the country, teaching young Americans everything in summer camps, even how to use guns. Today, there is around 100 millions evangelists in the United States and 60 million of them have already attained the voting age. There are talks that the US Vice President and its Secretary of the State are evangelists as well. Therefore, although the US Government is aware that the pastor has involved with some shady affairs, it is trying to make the impression that the US absolutely wants the pastor back due the reasons I just mentioned above. If the American Government makes the mistake of neglecting the problem, Trump may lose his chance to get reelected. It is just that simple.

“Be decisive but lower your tone…”

Here is an even more interesting detail for you: The Evangelists believe that when the judgement day arrives, the battle between the good and the evil (armageddon) will take place in Palestinian territories and the Jewish people will be their biggest ally in this war. Naturally, the evangelists believe that they will be fighting on the side of the goods and the virtuous. For that exact reason, unlike other Christian denominations, the Evangelism do not keep away from the Jews, always looks for ways to form collaborations.

Prior to taking his presidential oath, Trump has shared this in his social media account: “I would like to announce our Middle East policy. It is quite simple: Israel is America’s friend just like America is Israel’s friend. And any other country that is Israel’s friend is our friend too.” A similar message has also given been given by the US Vice President.

So, this clearly shows that America has already begun to evolve into a whole different shape. If Trump gets re-elected, Turkey will need to reevaluate its relationship with the US and take a new position accordingly. We should know that every Turkey-related decision to be made by the US Government from now on needs to be seen as a direct message to Turkish government.

Dollar’s exchange rate that has been sharply increasing since last night is mainly caused by the recent diplomatic crisis between Turkey and the US and the fact that Turkey has set its priorities wrong in the past. Accordingly, Turkey will need to choose a more decisive yet lowered diplomatic tone for the future.