Clock Is Ticking For Putin…

Clock Is Ticking For Putin…


The fact that Turkey has suddenly given green light to Sweden’s NATO membership, and has agreed with other member countries with regard to inviting Ukraine to join NATO indicates the beginning of a new and different diplomatic process.


Turkish Parliament is soon to make a decision as to whether Turkey should ratify Sweden’s application for NATO membership. If the main opposition objects to such ratification, it should be ready to receive heavy criticism from President Erdoğan for being inconsistent. So, I don’t think there will be a problem in the Parliament.


I think that Sweden must have been provided with the information that Putin might be behind the criticism from Turkey against Sweden and recent arguments regarding religious matters. Moreover, the UN has probably issued a convincing report indicating that the Wagner revolt will spread and the countdown has begun to end Putin’s regime. As you may recall, the latest National Security Strategy said something that can be interpreted as, “We will deter further Russian aggression, and those who are helping them.” Obviously, these words would not remain on paper alone and that concrete steps would be taken in this regard.


I would not be surprised if Turkey, which suddenly changed its mind about Sweden, makes unexpected statements on other issues as well. We shall see how surprisingly things will evolve under Hakan Fidan’s leadership as the newest foreign affairs minister. But from a larger perspective, I could also add that Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Countries take action in coordination with the US. Therefore, the funds Turkey needs will not come without the White House’s approval. Turkey has already turned its back on Russia, and we cannot manage to establish a stable relationship with China. After Turkey’s last manoeuvre, it will be a little painful for Azerbaijan’s to reposition itself.