Coronavirus death toll surpassed that of SARS

Worrying developments with coronavirus…”

The unexpected happened and the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, cancelled over coronavirus concerns. So, I had to cancel my trip to Barcelona as well, which was scheduled for February 23-26, 2020. There’s nothing to do. Now, why don’t we take a quick look at the different aspect of this novel coronavirus situation?

Only a small number of people had negative expectations for 2020 until the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. But last night, I was appalled to see the following headline on the news:

News reported that the death toll nears 1.150 and is expected to rise. According to the latest data of Tuesday, February 7, there is a surge in coronavirus cases surpassing 41.000. It is stated 4.099 people are getting hospital treatment. Only those with healthy immune systems can beat coronavirus, for which there is no treatment at the moment.

While discussions about airline companies that have lifted flight suspension to China as of February 9th are getting inflamed fast, IATA Board Chairman said: “The risk of contracting a virus on a plane is lower than the risk from daily activities such as going to a shopping centre or going to work in an office”.

IATA Chairman, who also serve as Lufthansa’s CEO, is moving away from the solid facts while trying to deliver temperate statements to ensure that airline companies no longer suffer from this outbreak. In the meantime, Turkish Airlines halted flights to China until the end of February while Air France is expected to monitor the situation in China in real time until February 15.

On the other hand, cruise companies as well are suffering from coronavirus. The trend of lower booking volumes could worsen with lower passenger volumes coming out of Asia. By the way, a cruise ship in Italy has been quarantined over the coronavirus last week. Over 6000 passengers have been tested for coronavirus luckily no virus was detected. But, it appears like the impact of coronavirus on cruise business will worsen.

Earlier this year, we were all hearing positive expectations about the global GDP and the world trade, but these days, the whole world is fighting against the Unknown. According to reports by international institutions, Turkey is expected to be the only country that will be positively affected by this outbreak with an almost 0.5 rise in its GDP.

Obviously, it’s wrong to expect gaining economic advantage at the expense of other people. That’s why I tend to be rather sceptical when I read such reports.