Could Anyone Say That the Current Model Is the Rational One?

I could say that those who were encouraged by Mehmet Şimşek’s words and hoped for a return to rational policies were disappointed by the “hybrid” appointments made last week. As I have repeatedly stated before, politics that match the spirit of the times will not be compatible with liberal policies or a free market economy.


The things I have warned about sadly led to a misunderstanding where people thought I was a supporter of centralist or controlling policies. In fact, it was a mere interpretation of what has been going on in the country. Here I am, repeating it once again, the issue is not technical, it’s simply about politics. The recipe for a better economy is clear. Despite this fact, the government constantly tried other ways to improve it while always blaming others for the side effects of the model it has been using.


Obviously, everyone knows that the right human resources and the right information are two musts of success. However, if administrators choose their staff based on their personal preferences, and judge the right information to be useless or contrary to their own nature, the truth loses its importance.


“Who Will Announce the New Economic Programme?”


Obviously, a change in strategy is rarely considered in a situation where a policy in effect does not harm the administrators and even enhances their positions. Therefore, whatever policy Mehmet Şimşek describes as “rational” will most probably not be put into practice, or he will say, “This is the rational policy we should be pursuing” after a reasonable amount of time.


If the main details of the new economic programme are not announced by President Erdoğan and Mehmet Şimşek is left alone to carry out the task, I say do not keep your hopes too high. If this happens, we should assume that the President is not entirely at peace with the programme. If the opposite happens, it may be possible for us to maintain our hopes. However, we should not expect a major change until the local elections.


Accordingly, I think I could say that the new programme will cover a very long period of time.