Despite everything, Huawei runs at full pace…

After exactly one year, I found the opportunity to attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Contrary to heavy snow in Istanbul, sun is shining here in Barcelona. I’ve been to many fairs and tech shows until now, but to tell you the truth, I’ve never seen such well-coordinated, well-organised event as the MWC. Congratulations indeed!

Almost half of the passengers in THY Barcelona flight were on the plane with the same purpose in their minds: to attend the MWC19, in which I would take part as a member of Huawei Global Opinion Leaders Project.

When the plane landed in Barcelona, I ran across with Elise Quevedo, HUAWEI’s KOL. As a “business influencer” shutting back and forth between Spain, UK and the US, Elise is one of the key opinion leaders who navigates future trends and promotes digital transformation.

After a quick chit-chat, we’ve provided our ID cards for MWC19 from one of the booths readily available in the airport. At that point, we were joined by Ms. Sally Eaves, a British academic with valuable studies on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

We started to wait at the taxi stand to get to the hotel which is chosen to host all of the Huawei Global Leaders. Thanks to flawless coordination of airport staff, we found ourselves in a taxi, driving to our hotel within minutes. Just to help the driver put the luggage of the three of us, we told him “out of the box”. That’s all. That’s what you get when you tow academic and a top social media influencer come together. By the way, I’d like to extend my warmest thanks to Spenser Blank for his valuable efforts in organising such excellent travel. He and Ms. Di Fan from Huawei Corporate Communications really have one tough job to handle, but they perform it just flawlessly. During yesterday’s meeting, Joe Peng made us all feel at home. That’s something to remember.

“5G is very close now…”

Yesterday, we joined a session where Huawei has announced its new 5G strategy. Normally, the event is set for today but a promotional event was held on Sunday to introduce Huawei’s latest groundbreaking novelties. Here’s my impression of Huawei’s approach to 5G:

  • Super enhanced video and live communication experience with 5G networks and foldable phones
  • Job opportunities via the cloud technology of Game and Visual Media
  • Creation of a stronger ecosystem for communication networks with 5G in Huawei Global OpenLab program

Vice President of China Telecom, Li said, “4G changed our lives. But 5G is going to change the society”. The Chinese seem even more focused on high tech and innovation after having their growth model changed. While Swedish, Norwegian and British business partners were talking about their preparation process for the new era with Huawei, Vodafone representative was the lucky participant who has made the first 5G call.

MWC 2019 officially launches today. I’ll be providing you with further notes from the conference in tomorrow’s report.

In short, it looks like major groundbreaking solutions by Huawei, which currently stands at the top of global agenda right in the midst of China-US trade talks, will change everything about artificial intelligence and digital infrastructure. Having previously announced that, thanks to Turkish Professor Erdal Arıkan, the inventor of polar codes for 5G, Huawei has been brought up against the threshold of the maximum rate that data can be sent with zero error at a particular bandwidth. I wonder how much impact these innovations will bring to ongoing US-China talks.

But as far as I can see, Huawei runs at full pace. We shall see whether someone or something will be ever able to hold it back?