Diplomacy is the ultimate solution

I tried to explain it during the TRT News live broadcast yesterday morning and in the evening, to a group of business people I came across in a restaurant: “Government solutions to economic problems no longer work. We need successful diplomacy”.

I tried to explain things in the best possible way I could while I listened to friends from various lines of work. First of all, Turkey is not only country to blame for the recent conflict between the US, EU and Israel. Certain groups have revealed their hostility towards Turkey especially after the nefarious attack on July 15. But, I really do not believe that these have been able to fully infiltrate into the US, EU and Israel governments, where there still are powerful people who can be persuaded otherwise.

Therefore, Turkey needs to keep in close contact not only with the Governments but also with the groups within the Parliaments as sanctions bill should first pass through the Parliament. As you may have already guessed, I am talking about long-running lobbying activities. Turkish government needs to show that Turkey has never been hostile towards the US, EU or Israel and its only purpose were to eliminate the anti-Turkey tendencies nested within these countries. To prove that we have never held a hostile attitude, we need good diplomacy with strong perspective. Besides, isn’t objecting to Government’s wrong actions or policies among the responsibilities of a parliament?

“Making the correct choice under pressure is a rare virtue…”

With a persuasive and distinctly clear tone, we should explain why carrying out anti-Turkey activities would no way help bring peace in this world. Remember what our wise elders said: “Don’t be headstrong but hold your head high.”

Turkey must carry out very delicate diplomacy especially now when we are going through a process where Public and Private sectors’ total debt stock exceeds our GDP and dependence on foreign oil and natural gas keeps gradually increasing. We should avoid, at all costs, any type of self-destructive emotions including hate, grudge, anger or rage.

In short, Turkey is about to enter a new are where political, diplomatic or even social actions will become more effective on macroeconomic parameters. Despite some economists’ objections, I think it’s time for the political science to deal with the problem.