Finally, someone noticed…the Plan

Markets opened in the morning and closed in the evening just as expected. Exchange Rates, Interest Rates and Stock Markets, they all were in a simultaneous rise, which has become a regular phenomenon in Turkey lately. 
As Turkish political agenda was rather focused on Syria, we had to deal with our own issues due to developed market holidays abroad. USD/TRY fluctuated within a narrower band of 4.09-4.11 and closed the day. Although Benchmark Rate wasn’t closed at the last level it had tested but started the day at a level very close to its earlier one, which was 14,43%. 
The conflict emerged between the US and France following the airstrike in Syria was among the key items on global agenda. Here’s a brief summary of what happened:
– “If you do this one more time, you will have to deal with me!” Russia said.
– The US replied, “We are to impose new sanctions on Russia”.
– Macron flied a kite, “We ensured Russia and Turkey stay separated”.
– Ankara requested Macron to watch his step.
– Macron said, “I convinced Trump to stay in Syria”.
– White House replied, “Absolutely not true! US troop withdrawal from Syria continues”.
It looks like the West has found a common ground even when they’re having trouble in getting along with each other. And this common ground is not to put Turkey in the same equation with Russia and Iran in terms of political approach. 
The abovementioned approach was strongly emphasized by French President on live broadcast. “Turkey’s caution regarding chemical weapons does not go unnoticed. It is nothing like Russia indeed…” Well, he didn’t use the exact same words but said something more or less the same.  
“Macron kicked off fast but….”
The things that have been going on lately and the comments that have been flying around just confirm a previous report of mine.  “If Turkey turns its back on the West, who would take advantage of it?” The answer is clear: Russia.
Therefore, the fact that Russia has been trying to separate Turkey from the West and the US for a very long time got obviously noticed by the least experienced politician in Europe. Besides, everyone suspects Russia of being involved in a lot of things from Brexit to the US presidential elections. “The plan does not only consist of alienating Turkey. It also envisages creating divergence within the EU and making sure the US stays out of it.   
It appears like Putin does not pay too much attention to French President because Macron has become bolder in its choice of statements compared to former French leaders, which brings me to the conclusion that Russia may soon cause trouble to this young leader. I guess we will just have to wait and see.