Founding Principles of Turkish Republic should be cherished and protected forever…

Justice, Education and Freedom… Almost every developed or developing country suffers problems regarding at least one of these three pillars of democracy. Those who don’t have any of these do fight for them; those who already have them give efforts to improve them in the best possible way. And those who lost these values go into a deep mourning.

April 23rd, 1920, when Ataturk and his comrades in arms established a new parliament was the crowning moment of humanity’s 100-year efforts to achieve democracy. In his 1859 book “On Liberty”, John Stuart Mill explains in details the reason for humanity’s fight for freedom.

“It is unjust to deprive anyone of his personal liberty, his property, or any other thing which belongs to him by law. It is just to respect, unjust to violate, the legal rights of anyone.”

Personally, before deciding whether these main principles of freedom are present or not in any government or state, I tend to look for them in my living environment, in institutions I work in and finally in vacation spots where I sometimes go for having a deserved rest. I’m not having holidays in places where people abuse power, feed off hierarchy, where junior employees are not given the freedom of expression and the right to disagree with their superiors, unwilling to cherish education, depriving the customers from their right to explore options. As I always travel around the world and Turkey to join conferences, seminars, and various events, I tend to take notes on the hotels and touristic facilities I stayed to create a set of criteria. In case I’m invited to in one the places that do not meet my own criteria, I kindly give notice to the organizers that I would not spend the night at the hotel.

“Creating happenings is more important than making money…”

The problem is not about neither luxury nor comfort. Thankfully, I have the resources to go anywhere in the world. But, none of those touristic facilities are anything like we see in publicity photos. So, the only thing I expect from them is to make their staff and customers happy. A hotel or resort that can’t meet even a simplest request from its guests is, in my humble opinion, considered to be strayed away from the fundamental value of freedom. Especially if the hotel tells the customer that the thing s/he asks for is “unavailable” while delivering special services to other customers, that hotel is nothing but unjust. Where justice doesn’t exit, nothing goes right.

That’s why I’ve been going to the same vacation spot in Turkey for decades now; because there, everyone feels “privileged”. If the hotel staff helped a customer about some issue, they would offer the same assistance to any other guest. Personnel are always happy because when it comes to managing things, those who have more experience are deemed worthy to follow. Even a tiniest request from guests is noted. Every week, guests are given a survey to complete. Management provides its personnel with regular trainings. In case of a problem, they first notice their supervisors, if no one can come up with a solution, then the executive managers are notified of the situation, who would talk both to the staff and guests about the problem. None of the employees would say, “This is unfair! I deserved to be a manager, not her or him!” If s/he is not promoted, s/he would know that there’s a reason for that, and s/he would take the necessary steps to improve his/her skills. Whenever the guests or employees have problems or concerns, the management is always there for them. Besides, every guest in the resort looks after other guests’ kids as if they were their own. This is a placed designed to create happiness not merely offer services. Isn’t that the dream?

Yes, it is. People vacationing in this resort are living their dreams. My followers perfectly know that this resort I’m talking about-who welcome every year many guests from all over the world including the US, China, Germany, Venezuela, Russia, South Africa, Italy and Morocco, flawlessly represents the founding principles of Ataturk’s Republic, which are justice, freedom and education. There, these three pillars are constantly enhanced good leadership, wisdom, kindness and loyalty.

Did you notice that today I said anything about economy or money? Indeed, I did not, because if you truly believe in the fundamental pillars of democracy and if you can follow them throughout your life, you don’t let such problems prey on your mind.

PS: There will be no “Morning Report” on Monday as I will be on my “spring break”. See you on Wednesday!