From authoritarian regime to an autonomous-anonymous regime…

Today, I would like to tackle another matter as I’ve been talking about the cause of the recent movement in FX rates since the beginning of the week. Today, we are going to talk “enrichment” and “self-sufficiency”.

I have been holding book signing events since the releases of my latest book “İktisattan Çıkış” on the first week of November. After Istanbul and Bursa, I will meet with my readers in Istinye DNR at 2.00pm. I will be at TUYAP on November 10th. All my friends and readers are welcome to visit me at the book fair.

“İktisattan Çıkış” explains to us how the moral and educational situation in Turkey evolved into its current state today while sharing some strong, assertive onions on cryptocurrencies, block chain and digital transformation. All revenue from this book will be donated to Mutluluğun Adresi Association that makes relentless efforts to provide a quality education to children with special needs. As my purpose in life is shaped around “self-sustaining”, not becoming rich, I have declared, in the last page of the book, that my book’s sales revenue will be donated to Mutluluğun Adresi in order to raise public awareness of individuals with special needs. It is clear that the number of the acts of charity must be increased, especially considering the things the autistic children in Aksaray have recently suffered.

The reason why I always talk about the perversions regarding enrichment is not only about the bitter-sweet experiences I went through until I became the man I am today. It was also about the “sharing” attitude of new generation.

For instance, many young people today have already made significant changes to their living philosophy, predicting that “autonomous devices” will exist in the future. They are becoming the architects of a new self-sustainable lifestyle without falling into the ‘popular culture’ trap.

“Top Brands are following in Rumi’s footsteps, yet in a different way…”

Luxury brands that are aware of this change have recently started to develop affordable product and services. That is why they are looking for an opportunity to rent a well-located store in shopping malls so as to be more visible to the consumers’ eyes. I am going to talks about the changing trends at a panel on ‘Shopping Centres’ at Altınbaş University Gayrettepe Campus today.

Used to say, “Come, come, if rich you are”, top global brands today seem more inclined to say, “Come, come, whoever you are” as Jalaluddin Rumi said. I was expecting to see the ancient teachings to rise again as capitalism crumbles.

I’m a liberal actually. Even though my opinions connote left-wing politics, I do not in fact believe in Marxism as it doesn’t exactly describe the motivation for working to achieve better in a system where profit doesn’t exist. Although self-sufficiency and sharing economy suggest socialist ideas, this new structure stands on the pillars of rationalism, liberty and productivity.

Actually, I do not want to call it a structure at all as I do not want to associate good, useful efforts with construction business. This structure is completely modular and capable of being integrated into new things. It will be managed by “anonymous needs”, not by the “authority”. It will be changeable and dynamic, not square and static.

So, why don’t we meditate a little bit on whether today’s authorities will exit in the future?