From Mc Kinsey to UEFA Euro 2024 bids….

According to those in the know, Turkey may have reached a funds deal with certain countries. However, it is insisted that it should the IMF who must provide the funds. Apparently, Turkish Administration doesn’t seem to approve such type of transfer. So, there are big rumors in the market saying that a deal has been reached about the amount and the cost of the funds, yet further talks will continue about its methods of transfer. I think this might the reason why this Mc Kinsey issue has emerged all of a sudden. In my opinion, the firm was chosen as a consultant to an International Private Institution instead of IMF for the following reasons:

  1. Turkish Government may have decided that this is a private sector issue, not a public sector one, thus hired a firm that handles private sector problems
  2. McKinsey may have suggested temporary postponement of mega projects at this stage, helping Ankara to ease its hand
  3. Administration may have decided to review and revise the rights given to those currently providing services to the government in order to announce another tender under the supervision of McKinsey & Company
  4. Thank to McKinsey’s international reputation, to provide great comforting in funds procurement for everything from Wealth Fund assets to Domestic Borrowing

So, before asking, “There’s no one left to trust national financial matters with, other than McKinsey?” we should first look at the details why the Government has made such decision in the first place. Ankara should take a more mature approach to all kinds of criticism, which is inevitable in this case.

“Before creating conspiracy theories…”

Now, let’s see what’s going on with the diplomatic issues: Trying to implement a self-defense doctrine especially in the Middle East with a 828-kilometer wall built on Syrian border, Turkey is giving a clear message: “I cannot afford to allow more immigrants enter the country. I do not really care about what is happening beyond the wall but I can intervene any time. What I want it to integrate with Europe, not with the Middle-East. I think the fact that the building of this concrete wall on Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian border (not on the Greek and Bulgarian border) is about to be completed soon clearly demonstrates Turkey has made its choice.

I think the wall will help Turkey mend ties with Europe as well as Government strengthen its hand in domestic politics. However, if Ankara begins delivering harsh statements again as local elections are approaching; this tie mending efforts with Europe may come to naught.

Turkey’s 4-12 loss against Germany at the Euro 2024 bids has unfortunately coincided with the abovementioned process. I must admit that Turkey’s promotional video for Euro 2024 candidacy was not that brilliant either. Our opponent, Germany, has indeed come up with a more powerful content. To be qualified to host the championship, however, one needed to have other brilliant qualities, apart from the football. The negative perception of Turkey in terms of Human Rights and Liberties has brought great advantage to Germany. Also, the report says that Turkey has put big limitations with regard to transport, accommodation and advertising revenue. Apparently, Turkish delegation was not able to provide satisfactory answers when asked about the future investments for the championship.

Before looking for conspiracy theories behind the fact that Germany has won by a landslide the rights to host UEFA Euro 2024, I think we should better give more efforts to change the global perception of Turkey and our terrible performance when it comes to promote our country.