From S-400 to Huawei… It’s always the same story…

Although it seems like they only got an economic aspect to it, US sanctions on Huawei products reach a brand new level with Google now. The US’s previous statement, ‘whoever does business with this company will be on my sanctions list’ was supported and received heavy criticism at the same time.

First, some of the world countries, including New Zealand, said, “This is none of our business”, but, taking US warning seriously, many other nations started to take strong measures. Lastly, the fact that Google has removed Huawei from the Android partner program caused a great deal of controversy.

As a leading company in quality/price competition, China’s long efforts to be a part of the “information competition” with its Huawei, and the way that they’ve been doing this in a pretty organised fashion, seemed quite concerning to the United States, which led the US to take strong paranoia/suspect-fuelled measures, as they once did in Iraq and Iran. The fact that the US has been and still implementing similar policies not only against nations, but also against companies clearly proves my argument: “technology competition against the hegemony”.

China says, “Technology for everyone” while the US never gives up its embedded conviction of “You are either my foe or my friend”. I think it’s pretty easy to see which one of these countries is more humanist. Having embraced the principle of developing private sector further and further, the fact that the United States is focusing on public sector to ensure national development and the fact that it’s falling behind in the global competition of civil technologies seem to makes Washington considerably worried. Here’s a clearer explanation for you: They just can’t accept the fact that a Chinese company is more dynamic and global than they could ever be, hence they falsely accuse Huawei of being supported by the government, national intelligence agencies or military forces etc.

There’s nothing we can do if the American Capital has indeed imposed its protectionist style, which is absolutely not unfit for the modern world, on Trump. They might be threating him with removal from office. It’s very well-known fact that oil companies have taken a similar approach towards Nixon after the arsenisation of former President Kennedy. But, Nixon never enjoyed his presidency no matter what he did. He had to resign. Probably, the US Elites, who have been defending modernism and freedom since forever, are using Trump as a pretext so as not to get their hands dirty with today’s outdated practices.

The same goes for Turkish industry which is currently struggling to achieve technological/digital transformation. It’s not uncommon that industries that employ thousands of people threaten the politicians all the time. And it’s only natural that Ankara asks for an “employment mobilisation” in return. However, factories that used to employ 2000-3000 workers now have only 500 employees to achieve the same volume of production with the developing technology. Therefore, it would only be unrealistic to promise employment without engaging in new investments. That’s why it seems a bit bizarre to me that business world keeps making the same promise all the time. But, I think it’s the business world again who is responsible for the current situation. Just as the American Elites are using Trump to buy some time, Turkish business world has been misleading the leaders for the last 50-60 years. I hope no one takes offence as I believe I’m only saying the truth. Turkish Business World’s approaches leading to Turkey’s failure to keep up with the world, with the latest technology, have been revealed once they decided to be involved in sports. Those who never take responsibility for their failures or try to change the agenda all the time do not only exist in politics but in the business life as well.

“The global perception of Turkey must be improved as soon as possible…”

The US aims to start a new “colonisation” activity both in defence industry and civil industries. However, they seem to be falling behind China in terms of dynamism and solution-finding. And the reason for that is they can’t shake off the “.com” reflex they initiated in the 1990s. The second phase of the American imperialism continues with mobile apps, however, in terms of providing mobile platforms, Samsung and Huawei seem much stronger. As South Korea is a current ally of the US “for now”, Samsung is more tolerated compared to other cell phone brands, but the US has explicit intentions to stop the Chinese from expanding in mobile technologies market.

A similar thing goes for the S-400 and Patriot issues. The former US diplomat, Eric Edelman, who also served as an ambassador of the United States to Turkey, made another negative contribution to the ongoing conflict by writing a truth-bending article, which was published in the Wall Street Journal, on May 16th, 2019. Edelman says that Turkey purchase of S-400 missile system is a direct threat to the US and NATO but this allegation wasn’t confirmed by any military source so far. In a particular paragraph of the article, Edelman accuses Turkey of not acting like a member of NATO.

In short, the US takes a very harsh approach toward the Huawei and S-400 issues. And their argument is obvious: “They will steal/they are stealing our sensitive/confidential data…”

As a keen reader of EU and US newspapers, I notice that, Financial Times is publishing economic articles detrimental to the global perception of Turkey while the NY Times and Wall Street Journal do the same regarding political matters. But, as these press outlets give the politicians a piece of their mind about the situation in their own country; I think not so many people besides us seem to pay attention to these news and articles.

As I have clearly stated above, instead of whining or accusing others, we must take immediate action to improve the global perception of Turkey.