If you know you will always get the same result no matter how hard you try, at least try to do the right thing.

100-day action plan along with the US Secretary of State and Turkey’s Foreign Minister’s talks on Friday in Singapore were among the top agenda items of the last week.
President Erdogan’s 100-day action plan involved the launch of a number of megaprojects as well as a list of problems requiring urgent solutions. Announced right after the period of heightened tensions with the US, this plan has been a real morale booster for all of us.
It was clearly established on Friday that the US will continue to slap sanctions on Turkish government, against which, Turkey will stand its ground. After all, Turkish President’s 100-day action plan was in a sense a response to the United States, declaring, “We will keep going strong, no matter what happens.” 
I think investors too believe that this is nothing but an artificial conflict. If the US really wanted to the extradition of the suspected cleric-by the way, no one had any clue what this man was doing in Turkey for the last 25 years-it would not cause such a stir! Given that the US has been so insistent on meddling with a certain matter which has been already brought to justice, then we should conclude that the US will maintain its attitude no matter how Turkey will react.
“How America will react in the future?”
By ensuring the repatriation of a person who is currently on trial in a foreign country, before the case is concluded, America will send the following message to the world: “I do whatever I want”. So presumptuously, it will stick to the original plan, which is to impose every sanction possible to prevent Turkey from establishing its own political doctrine in the region.
Increasing the number of sanctions and trying to stop Turkey from imposing its own political doctrine in the region, the US will never give up the original plan no matter how strongly Turkey will continue standing its ground.
In such case, Turkey can have only one thing to declare, “If I know that I will face the same problem no matter what I do, at least I will try to do the right thing” Despite market reactions, Turkey must ensure that that certain individual, who has been living in Turkey for shady reasons for the last 25 years, will be brought before the court to answer for his activities appearing to the detriment of Turkey.  
But, does not the US government know anything about the details of this trial? Of course it does. As I said earlier, if the US really wanted pastor’s release, it would not act the way it is acting. Apparently, the final mission of the pastor is to drive a wedge between the two countries. 
I strongly suggest you to read Prof. Dr. Çağrı Erhan’s “Gelecekteki Amerika’yı Tanımak” (Getting to Know the Future America) column in Türkiye Newspaper in case you wonder how things got this far.