It’s the people’s money, not the government’s…

Here are the two hot topics of late:

  • How much of our money should be spent by the government?
  • We should spend how much of our money for ourselves and our family?

Before we start discussing this matter, we should always remember that the states have no other source of revenue except for the money that people are earning. If the government needs to spend more or save money, it has to impose more taxes or borrow funds. It’s wrong to think, “Others will pay for our expenditures” because these “others” are no one else but “citizens”. The government’s debt is all the citizens’ debt.

So, there’s no such thing as “government’s money” because government revenue is the money received by a government from taxes to undertake its expenditures. There is only the money of people who pay taxes, which means wasteful government projects will never help increase prosperity and people’s welfare. It’s equally wrong as the situation of those who suddenly feel themselves rich just because they received some loans from a bank.

Let’s not forget the fact that no government on earth has been able to achieve welfare and prosperity by overtaxing people on their incomes. The duty of a government is clear, which is to use the money received from people in the wisest and the most efficient way possible, protect taxpayers’ pockets and ensure that all social services are properly offered to people. Governments must manage these objectives synchronously. But this task is not as easy as it seems.

It’s easy to say, “We shall spend more money to do that” or “Why don’t we do this?” Everyone, including me, is capable of presenting reasons to undertake such things. But, governments must not do this alone. From business people to stay-at-home moms, everyone should be provided with the right amount of welfare to do more…

These words do not belong to me, friends. It was the former British PM Margret THATCHER who said it during a Conservative Part meeting in 1983. One of the most influential figures among the conservative party leaders, THATCHER said “Take the money but use it wisely for other people”.

In short, government’s money originally belongs to the people. Governments should spend this money to protect people’s wallets and maintain the continuity of social services without forgetting that they have been given power by people for a limited amount of time to govern.

A State cannot exist without people. Besides, the money that a State spends already belongs to people. As THATCHER said, a government has no money. All it has is the money, the assets of the people. I really felt the need to offer my own opinions about this matter as the recent discussions on the same subject have been moving away from the core philosophy of the matter.

Citizens would not avoid supporting the government if they see their money is spent on wise and useful projects. But, if people feel confused about or suspicious of government’ activities, then the government should give them comfort instead of giving them stick for their opinions and feelings. People are here to support the state as they did in the past. If those who have been given power/authority by people to govern on their behalf are aware of this very important fact already, there’s not much to worry about then.

And being able to discuss this matter would bring more good than harm. But, as I have said before, provided that you don’t drift apart from the core philosophy if the matter.