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The Etiquette of Winning and Losing…

Dear friends, The elections in Turkey have finally come to an end, with the People’s Alliance winning both the presidential office and the majority in the parliament. During the electoral

Where’s the People’s Focus?

Further rise in USD/TRY exchange rate ended up with another government intervention today since the government is trying to eliminate anything that might disrupt their voters’ positive perception of them

Pricing Amidst Uncertainty

The votes coming out of a ballot box do not guarantee any political formation. Quite radical developments must occur so that the will of the people shift to another direction.

About the Elections…

Dear friends,   Last week, I tried to draw attention to the following possibility:   “I see that those who have been in power for a long time never thought

What will happen after May 15th ?

1-What will happen in BIST?   BIST lists companies as old as the Republic of Turkey, as well as those that have left their mark on the last five decades.

An Interview…

  – Are you satisfied with the economic measures implemented so far? – People’s satisfaction is far more important than my satisfaction. – People are overwhelmed by the high cost