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Greetings from Shanghai

Greetings from Shanghai   I am currently in China at the invitation of Huawei and today I will share with you my impressions so far.   As soon as you

(Will) Interest Rates Continue to Rise

(Will) Interest Rates Continue to Rise Central Banks have started to increase rates as of last week. The excitement and the stress gradually grow every day. The first central bank

As Decision Time Approaches…

As Decision Time Approaches…   The ECB will release its rate decision tomorrow, the Fed on the 20th of September, and the CBRT on the 21st of September. Expectations, on

Fighting Inflation Will Hurt…

Fighting Inflation Will Hurt…   Turkey’s fight against high inflation will hurt many people in the process, of course, except for certain groups or individuals who always make profit, no

Open dialogue for 5G.

Open dialogue for 5G.  Amidst the excitement and question marks created by the BRICS summit, the world once again recognises that the next biggest global megatrend is 5G.  5G technologies