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Central Banks Face Tough Choices.

After the CBRT’s February decision, it was obvious that the markets would be able to shoulder yet another rate cut. The escalating tensions in Russia-Ukraine war, bank collapses and the

Sino-Russian Rapprochement.

The affairs in Turkey are tremendously messy these days. On the one hand, we have the upcoming elections, on the other, our deteriorating economy. Of course, Turkey has its eyes

While Paddling Our Own Canoe…

While the Fed is trying to bring the US banking crisis under control, things seem a little more complicated across the Atlantic.   The financial troubles that started in the

Is the Perfect Storm Coming?

  For the last couple of years, in my articles, I’ve been trying to highlight a theory of mine: “If a financial crisis breaks out, developed countries will be the

What to Do After the Elections?

The economic projections in the reports published by International Institutions about the upcoming Turkish elections are getting sharper.   According to some analysts, keeping TRY-denominated assets will be risky if

He Loved to Overtake, RIP!

Oftentimes, women living in countries where unfair economic conditions prevail have difficulty participating in the workforce. One of the most important factors causing women’s inability to contribute to the economy

Politics Is Not a Profession…

I guess we will no longer ask, “Why don’t you go into politics?” to every person we subjectively see ‘fit’ to strive as a politician.   Politics is neither a