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I didn’t buy it……

I must say that what has been going on lately is not natural at all and cannot be explained on the basis of market mentality. Yesterday, markets were thrown into

FX Rates our new wake-up call!

I obviously cannot deny that there’s unrest in global markets, the “Trade Wars” fuelled by Trump are negatively affecting the monetary and capital markets, recent events in Syria are creating

We can change this story…

Dollar’s journey towards record highs has begun five years ago from now at a level of 1.78. As of this morning, it stands at around 4.05, which means a depreciation

Growth vs. Development…

We leave behind a bumpy week and head towards the weekend; feeling relaxed knowing that monetary and capital markets will be closed until Monday. The fact that USD/TRY and currency

What does superpower mean?

The fact that Russia, Iran and Turkey have reached a multilateral consensus regarding Middle-Eastern policies, should be considered a direct message for both the US and Israel. Europa can’t have

What should the Central Bank (not) do?

The other day, a news agency called me and asked me the following question: “What do you think the ideal level of exchange rate is?” Here is my answer: “Your

Things could have been worse !?…

The week kicks off with the much deserved pride we felt for the record exports data and the inflation estimates. ICOC retail price index released prior to the announcement of