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Can we trade in local currency?

Yes, we can. The meeting hosted by TIM (Turkish Exporters’ Assembly) where I acted as moderator helped me get utterly convinced that this is doable. But you need specific conditions

How to fight back against inflation

Strategy for fighting back against inflation is going to be releases a few hours after you finish reading this report. People have questions on their minds whether the 10% off

What will happen next?

The statements released during the weekend clearly shows that Turkey will have to paddle its own canoe for a little while more. Obviously, everyone is wondering what will happen next.

Why would one need a consulting firm ?

As far as I can see from all that negative comments and criticism, this consulting firm issue still remain unclear, causing everyone to give emotional reactions. Let me explain in

From Mc Kinsey to UEFA Euro 2024 bids….

According to those in the know, Turkey may have reached a funds deal with certain countries. However, it is insisted that it should the IMF who must provide the funds.

What lies behind Fed decision?

In 2001, indicators showed that GDP-relative value of the U.S stock market was twice that of its historical level. However, its Market-Cap-to-GDP sharply decreased with 2008 financial crisis. Today, cumulative