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The solution is exports…

Before the MTP announcement today, I had the opportunity to talk to a number of reps of almost all sectors, from finance to real sector. As far as I can

A quick look at the world affairs

I know, USD/TRY keeps going up, so does the unemployment rate. Turkey is swamped with complicated internal politics. But in the meantime, we should not neglect to keep close track

Guess when I gave all those warnings?

…The fact that the Central Bank is under huge pressure now with regards to rate hikes is an obvious indicator of the importance of the decision. Disagreement between the economy

Decision Day for the CBRT Management

Today CBRT Management is going to seal its own fate with one decision. Whether they go for a drastic hike or leave it intact, it will be an inevitable ending.

What we expected, what we got

Turkey’s GDP growth was released yesterday. Expectations were within a wide bandwidth of 4.5% to 6.5%. I personally declared, even in written form, to certain authorities that GDP growth would

I do not wish to offend you but

Turkey’s growth statistics are expected to be released today, however I prefer to deliver my commentary on the subject tomorrow. This morning, I would like to focus on private sector’s

Anyone wins against the rise of dollar?…

Today USD/TRY stands at 6.60 which, a year ago, was fluctuating around 3.40 we are talking about nearly 100 percent appreciation of dollar. What about the countries that are placed