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Markets always offer new opportunities, but…

Here’s what we’re looking at after the first day of the trading week that we’ve finished with mixed feelings: USD/TRY and Currency Basket remain at high levels. Benchmark rate goes

If I were in their shoes !…

A new week kicks off amid tensions. Markets look quite upset because of US President Trump’s tariffs decision that may trigger global trade wars. The morning starts with the highest

It’s ok to be confused…

Here’s a brief summary of what’s been going on lately in markets: The number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits turn out to be higher than expected whereas Purchasing

Fed raises rates. What now?

Markets were relatively calm as Fed decision nears. A small tip I’ve always emphasized: When exchange rates climb sharply, they usually tend to drop after a while. But, when gradual

Remembering the Heroes of Gallipoli…

As a new week begins, I’d like to once again bow respectfully to the heroes of Çanakkale whom we remembered one more time yesterday. Let’s remember Mustafa Kemal ATATURK’s tribute

Where are those VAT refunds?

Although it hasn’t brought too much impact on markets, Government’s declaration for paying the outstanding VAT possibly in 2020 became the top item on Turkish economic agenda. Following this statement,