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Stating the obvious..

As a new week begins, we are going to see whether Central Bank measures to prevent exchange rates from going up are strong enough or not. Ankara is delivering some


I continue to keep a close watch on Turkish markets while I’m in London to attend 5G summit. I must say, however, that what is happening here is far more

Economist is not a fortune teller…

As expectations that the next Fed Chair and Vice Chair will be elected from among professional executives who had served in financial markets for years are increasing faster than ever,

Talk to talk!… Walk to walk ?..

As USD/TRY remains stable between 3.86-3.89, parity’s move in favour of Euro has prevented it from hitting a level of 4.00. However, I took a look at the currency basket

Catch up with the West…

As a new week begins, some are already in a New Year rush, while some are getting into a New Year slow down. Towards the end of the month, trading

Zero interest rates !?..

We’re about to go through interesting times. As busy diplomatic traffic between the US and Turkey continues, Trump and Putin are holding face-to-face talks regarding a number of matters involving

In four years ??…

It sometimes occurs to me that what you can get done in four years? Maybe, construction-buildings-bridges-highways-airplanes-hospitals… A child is born, turns four. The child begins to talks, and then walk,