Migration in and out of Istanbul

Migration in and out of Istanbul


Migration statistics have become an important data that we all have to know about. Yesterday, TurkStat released its 2022 migration data, according to which, the percentage of people migrating from one province to another was 3.18% from 2007 to 2008. In 2022, this rate increased to 3.27%. Last year, 2.8 million people moved to other cities in Turkey, 47.9% of them being men and 52.1% women.


Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, top migration hubs in Turkey, are also the provinces that send the most migrants. For example, last year, more than 418,000 people migrated out of Istanbul, followed by Ankara with 162,000 people and İzmir with 107,000. The provinces that sent the largest number of migrants, on the other hand, have been Tunceli, Kilis and Ardahan around 7.500-8000 people. And, the number of people that moved out of Istanbul is greater than the total population of these three provinces.

The net migration figure in Istanbul, which means the difference between the number of those who moved out of and moved in to the city, rose from around 23,000 people in 2021 to 33,000 in 2022. The high cost of living could possibly not be the only reason for this increase.

In Turkey, the largest migrant population was in the 20-24 age group with 644,000 people last year, 42.5% of these migrants being men and 57.5% women. So obviously it’s not a mere matter of financial hardship. Besides, the main reason behind the migration of the 20-24 age group seems to be getting a better education; finding a job, having better housing and living conditions being among other reasons. However, 25% of the migrants seem to have migrated because their family did. I think the 2023 data, which will also include the post-earthquake migration activity, will unfortunately reveal some quite dramatic figures.