Not re-electing Trump seems like the only solution…

When we look back, it’s not very hard to figure out why the world is full of so many conflicts and war. The deep vacuum that Obama failed to fill in his time is now being abused to the fullest extent by Obama administration. Apparently, you can’t govern a country like the way you run a company.

Trump reminds me of these bosses who suddenly become jealous of his executive team, interestingly, appointed by the boss himself, the types of bosses who try all the time to fix things that weren’t broken in the first place, or look out for his own interests rather than preserving the interests of his company. Trump is a perfect example of these characters who try to own others’ success, claiming that if it weren’t for him, nothing could be achieved, or whenever something bad happens, they tend to say, “I told you so”.

It can be clearly seen that Fed members already have future concerns because of risks that have been personally created by Trump himself. According to the FOMC meeting minutes, it’s very likely to get a rate cut from the Fed soon. As the Fed is highly expected to issue a 25 bps cut decision in its July meeting, Bullard suggests that 25 bps wouldn’t be enough, we should go for more, relentlessly defending rate cut against 8 other members of the committee.

The main thing Powell said is that economic uncertainty grows with every passing day, which is caused singlehandedly by Trump’s trade wars, absolutely not by the Fed policies. According to the IMF, trade war could wipe $1.5-2 trillion off global GDP next year.

“It’s up to American Citizens to sort out ‘Trump’ problems…”

Let me remind you once again of the IMF’s “Long-Term Trends in Public Finances in the G-7 Economies” report of September 2010, where IMF warns, “Under the current and future pressures on public finances, public debt would spiral out of control in the absence of fiscal adjustment. Under unchanged policies, the net debt-to-GDP ratio of the G-7 economies would exceed %440 percent by 2050”. If Trade Wars get more aggressive, G-7 might not be able to pay off debt since the GDP growth will slow down. It looks like Fed Chair is quite concerned about Trump’s relentless insistence and other countries’ reaction to his obstinacy. However, any future rate cut may not able to help the world overcome this crisis. It can only help us delay the disaster.

Actually, it’s up to Americans to solve this problem once and for all. If they do not re-elect Trump, problems will be solved automatically, without any rate cuts. However, gun lobby in Washington is quite powerful and apparently, they’re spending a lot of money on a ‘conflict-inducing’ campaign. Last Wednesday, I moderated a television program where the guests strongly emphasized that the new conservatism in the United States is evolving into the axis of religion and war, which means it might be a little bit difficult to put a rational government into power in a country inhabited by millions and millions of evangelists and other Christian denominations with massive voter turnout.

In short, the Fed minutes show us that, not only the United States and Turkey, but many other nations in the world will have to face economic problems. The American Citizens have the power to stop that by doing a very simple thing: not to vote for Trump in 2020 United States presidential election.