Operation Peace Spring (Barış Pınarı) and Necessities…

As I said on television yesterday, I shall not talk about FX rates, stock market or interest rates while innocent people face peril and war. I really do not wish to commentate about market when Turkish forces carrying out a military offensive into north-eastern Syria to eliminate terrorist hotbeds.

And I am astonished to watch US senators coming into terms with future sanctions on Turkey. I wonder what would happen if the US forces launched a military offensive into Mexico if a Mexico-backed terrorist formation infiltrated the United States and murdered tens of thousands American citizens for years? How would they answer strong reactions from all over the world?

I’ll go ahead and also criticize those who fail to analyse PKK and terror issues properly. It was utterly wrong to try to handle this issue as UK and Spanish governments did with IRA or ETA in the first place. PKK’s terror methods have been nothing like the methods used by these two separatist organizations. However, some undeniable mistakes made by the government on the grounds of “peace process”, particularly including freedom of speech granted to PKK leaders for vote ambitions, caused tensions to further escalate.

Everyone, including government officials who got ill during national holidays, government and opposition leaders who tolerated those who considered terrorism as their legitimate right, broke martyrs’ and veterans’ gentle hearts. No one has noticed the past mistakes until the nefarious coup attempt of July 15. Many Honorable military men and heroes who relentlessly fought against terrorists were persecuted.
None of these things will be forgotten.

“No one should question the sincerity of government leaders…”

Launched today by Turkish Forced, the Peace Spring operation is in fact a much delayed endeavour. For the common good of humanity, Turkey must strike a heavy blow against PKK hotbeds and its derivatives in north-eastern Syria. You should know that those who heavily criticise the operation are insincere, even malevolent.

Turkey should not care about what US senators say since they act in favour of Israel and they think they will be able to hold on to their offices by doing so. One human life is worth more than anything. Unfortunately, people start questioning your integrity when you hope for help from the representatives of terrorist organizations.

Turkey has its strong stance and attitude. Accordingly, government officials should respect and abide by them at all times.