Our hope lies in Mitch McConnell, not in Trump

My articles get published in “Pencere” (the window) newspaper every Monday. The paper is designed to present new ideas to the people under different shapes and formats. Two months ago, Yavuz Oğhan, one of the most capable journalists of Turkey, provided me with some insight about the paper’s content.

I knew what I meant when he said, “We are going to publish every different idea”. He meant people with different perspectives that are ready to offer useful ideas about humanity, our homeland and our people as well as the world. I said ‘yes’ in a heartbeat. From now on, you can access my articles in “Pencere” on Mondays and in “Dünya” on Tuesdays, again working in with a skilful journalist: Hakan Güldağ.

I’m going to share with you my article published in “Pencere” so I can give you some insight into opinions and views supported by this publication. I strongly suggest you to subscribe to “Pencere” and have a look at its content.


The fact that President Erdoğan’s visit to the United States on November 13 has become conclusive helped markets breathe a sigh of relief indeed. According to those in the know, however, two bills recently passed by simple majority through the US House of Representatives are scheduled for discussion on the day of Erdoğan’s visit, which means the US Senate will be discussing and voting bills while President Erdoğan and Trump will be engaged in talks.

It is Mitch McConnell, not Trump, who is expected to prevent this from happening as Senate Majority Leader. I would like to think that McConnell, who supported Trump before, though unwillingly, will do his best to delay the Senate meeting to discuss these two bills, at least while President Erdoğan is Washington, since these bills will surely damage Turkey-US relations.

“The excitement continues…”

McConnell has never thought becoming a US president. In his book “The Long Game”, he tells us his story. His upper left leg was paralyzed by a polio attack when he was a child. An experienced politician, he was elected a senator from Kentucky. He has a calms and constructive way of communication. He strictly follows the rules of Constitution. His wife, Chao is the first Asian American woman to be appointed to a President’s Cabinet to serve as Secretary of Labour for the duration of George W. Bush’s presidency. That is to say, Mitch McConnell is neither an ultranationalist nor an Evangelist. With his profile, I hope he will use common sense to handle US-Turkey issues.

Business people from both countries constantly wish for tensions to calm down as soon as possible. Everyone seems to be utterly surprised by the diplomatic and corporate storm that has broken out after the release of a new approach designed to increase US-Turkey trade up to a 100 billion USD.

As expectations for US-China talks will end in peace continue to rise, it looks like Euro/Dollar rate is getting ready to drop below 1.10. So, it is just inevitable for dollar to become stronger than any other currency. As I have said last week, those who read too much into this rise are terribly mistaken.