I continue to keep a close watch on Turkish markets while I’m in London to attend 5G summit. I must say, however, that what is happening here is far more important than exchange and interest rates and stock trading.

Although I immensely enjoyed the presentations by the CTOs, in other words, chief technical officers of the world’s largest companies here, it also had me worried about the current state of technological acceleration.

Let me share my worries with you: Countries that do not invest in fiber optic cables or that launched an investment project, yet gave it up on it, cannot even dream about about the 5G. Turkey may face tough times ahead if it doesn’t care about this matter as it does about the energy. Turkey currently needs a far better fiber optic infrastructure than the one it is using right now so that it can create a smooth transition to industry 4.0 or be able to use 5G properly. No, that’s not a joke. And the costs of establishing a new infrastructure are even more than the costs of the third bridge over the Bosphorus.

The second thing that makes me worry is that “networks” will be the first to find out about our most intimate moments, even before we learn about them! For instance, those who own a cloud technology will find out whether your wife is pregnant or not, before you or your wife does, even before Google! You will get a congratulation message before you find the time to ask yourself, “What in the world is that?!”

On the other hand, you will be able to get emergency/preventive health services thanks to a digital watch on your hand that monitors you and informs the nearest health facility in the event of a heart attack or a sudden illness, which is indeed an enormous progress. However, the “network” will share your intimate, private moments, anywhere anytime instead of you sharing them whenever or however you like; because the “network” will feel itself compelled to do it, for your own sake.

When you go to a restaurant, you will have to act according to others’ experiences. This has both positive and negative aspects. Tech companies preparing for Tokyo Olympic Games have promised to bring a tennis match to the audience which will be watched from different camera angles, not to say while they sit on bench. Maybe, people sitting on expensive seats will no longer have to swing their heads from side to side.

I wonder whether the “real” things will be more important or valuable to us in a very near future where 35 billion “objects” will be capable of seeing each other through 5G and Industry 4.0. Who knows?

The only thing I know is that the world is running at an incredibly fast pace towards the 5G. As one of the key opinion leaders of a global brand, I think it is of utmost importance that we let go of our suspicions, including myself, and provide support to the transition process on behalf of both my University and the humanity.

Mobil technologies will also help education system, consisting of components unable to move or sometimes unwilling to move, become more egalitarian, obviously in terms of access to unlimited knowledge.

Refusing to embrace change cannot be justified with authenticity or conventional attitudes or practices. These could only mean “opposing progress”.