Remembering My Father…

My father was an interesting person. He used to tell us: “Read everything, even pieces written by people you disagree with. Turn off your emotions to find the truth”. That’s I try to read and learn everything I can get my hands on. What I enjoy the most is reading my critics.


I recently had my article published in an independent European journal. In this article, the journal is introducing me as one of the most influential economists in social media since I ranked among the top 20 most influential economists a few years ago, and it doesn’t say that I’m one of the best, most powerful, or most leading economist, the journal just says that I have a certain influence on my readers. The fact that I also post my articles translated in English and share them on all my social media accounts apparently helped me go up in the rankings, not to mention my increasing follower/interaction rates and the fact that people actually read what I write and send feedback.


I received some criticism about being considered among the most influential economists on social media, which was clearly made by people who had poor foreign language skills therefore could not understand the true meaning of the word “influential”. To be honest, I didn’t feel compelled to write a reply to those people, because as I said, I attribute the reason behind those comments to their poor low in English language. There are very good economists in Turkey and, I am in close contact with many of them. None of us claim to be “the best”. Thankfully, we can make our voices heard in Turkish and foreign languages and we are in contact with our foreign colleagues as well. None of them has ever criticized me for being influential. Honestly, some people should not tire their souls by letting themselves consumed by their meaningless anger.


So, it’s the last week of the year and I am happy to say that I have officially concluded my conferences and speeches for 2022. People at these gatherings have wanted to find out the answers mostly to the following questions:


– Will the exchange rates rise in the new year?

– What will be the interest rates?

– Will the stock market continue to rise?

– Will inflation maintain its upward trend?

– How much further will cryptocurrencies fall?

– What will be the result of the elections?

– What will happen after the elections?


Answering these questions is not easy. However, you can provide a satisfactory answer by combining experience, science, and perception.


First of all, as an economist, I do not aim to make money from money, I always leave this job to professionals. Therefore, I don’t talk based on the position we have taken. ” Furthermore, as I am not politically biased, I’m not one of those who “ignore the right decisions made by the people they don’t like”. I’m also proud to say that I have a strong sense of “justice” that my family instilled in me. I cannot remain silent seeing the wrongs done even to people who do not like me. Even if those people continue to stay away from me.


“I Keep Telling The Truth Every Day.”


As to answer the questions above: the exchange regime is currently restricted by the government to keep the exchange rates stable, which cannot be sustained for long. Also, the government will insist keeping interest rates low while the stock market will become more and more risky as it continues to go up. Inflation will not drop to the desired level in the second half of the year. There might be a decline in cryptocurrencies again. There will be no major changes after the elections and that the economic model will neither be improved or replaced with a more effective one.


But obviously, expectations may change as conditions change. As I do not adhere uncompromisingly to a set of certain ideas, I can always revise my predictions according to changing circumstances, and of course, by providing justifications for such revision. But if you do that too often, if you change your mind too often based on conjunctural developments, your chance to make spot-on predictions decreases.


Moreover, I exercise patience when it comes to investing my savings. After careful consideration, I choose the investment matches my tolerance for risk therefore will not disappoint me in the future. Knowing that my monthly earnings will not make me a super wealthy man, I willingly and eagerly choose how I want to live my life, hence it’s the words that come out of my mouth and the truth of them is the only way to maintain my good reputation. As a human being, I obviously make wrong decisions form time to time, but I know enough not to make the same mistake again.