S-400, again…!

Last Wednesday, Ahu Özyurt and Hakan Akbaş attended Altınbaş University’s panel on “Turkey-US Relations”. As panellists, we mainly focused on fresh news which recently hit the headlines.

According to newspapers, the United States gives Turkey two-week ultimatum to cancel S-400 deal. Thinking, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire”, we decided to consult with our own sources.

The info we got from our sources shows that:

  • The U.S. is pretty determined to make Turkey leave the negotiations in the process of a possible U.S. intervention in Iran.
  • Pentagon and the U.S. Department of State are taking swift measures to prevent Turkey from convincing Trump to cancel Iran-US war. According to CAATSA, which was enacted on August 2, 2017, Pentagon is also trying to impose sanction on Turkey for buying Russian weapons.
  • Keeping a close watch on Trump, Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs applies a diplomacy designed to encourage the U.S. President’s veto power.
  • According to experts, however, Trump will not be able to resist any longer and allow sanction on Turkey because of the upcoming elections.

Obviously, there are many other matters that need urgent solutions, including Halkbank, extradition of FETÖ leader, customs duties and tariffs.

“Two American Miracles…”

The U.S. will not give up Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and Netanyahu. Israel and Saudi Arabia are the two new favourites of the United States in the regions. The fact that Salman is still standing despite the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi is an American miracle, indeed. Similarly, Netanyahu’s election victory by a nose also stood out as another American miracle.

Seemingly, Israel and Saudi Arabia do not share any foundation of common interest or comprehension. But, they do want to see the downfall of Iran. As the U.S. is in violent agreement with these two countries, they seem to have formed a strong alliance. Turkey, Syria and Russia are Iran’s biggest allies in the region. Given the fact that most Gulf countries abide by whatever the Saudis want, there’s a high likelihood that things will very soon get complicated. As for Qatar, it currently tries to stay on good terms with Turkey, managing the situation as well as it possible can.

In short, as every sign of a possible war is slowly emerging, it seems like nothing economic-wise is left for us economists to write about. These days, the agenda is powerfully fixated on politics and diplomacy.

As you may remember, in my previous reports, I said that the government would release packages consecutively. So, you’ll have to wait until Monday to read my article on the package that was released yesterday.