Shouldn’t we take all of our problems seriously just like we do when it comes to football!?

We are not Asians. But they deny us when we say “We are Europeans”. Say, we declare that we are Eurasians. It’s like being Man U and Liverpool fan at the same time. Simply unacceptable! In sum, people are seeking their own identities. That’s symbolical colours seem to be valued above everything else. To confirm that, all you need to do is to share a football-related post on social media.
I posted a video and a comment on social about a match that has taken place on Saturday night. “Here’s the true meaning of inattentiveness”. This comment I made about a player’s offence against an opponent was actually a reference to certain people’s inability to make critical decisions in Turkey because they lack merit. 
I received positive criticism including Professor Mahfi Eğilmez. “Say anything about anyone or anything in Turkey, but never ever comment on football”, he tweeted. Basically, he was right but I need to explain a few details.
First of all, as a former and current sports manager, as a researcher and author of books on sports economy and also as an analyst who declares that ‘no values can be created where there is no justice’, I always speak my opinion openly on specific issues within my specialization. I never hold back my opinions out fear of being judged or criticized.
When I first started to work as a top sports manager, one of the football connoisseurs said to me: “Be careful. Football is nothing like economy”. So, I replied:
“You are right. Thanks to you, Turkish football turned into something completely unintelligible”. 
Then, I added, “We would have a global brand by now, if we put the same amount of funds into another industry”. 
Dear friends, the issues we have to deal with today are not actually caused by lack of money. The real reason of such lack of success is incapable executives and managerial failures at all levels. All football clubs in Turkey say that they are being treated unfairly. Even Turkish referees selected in officiating at UEFA matches show such terrible performance that they sadly prove these football clubs right. I regret to say that they can’t even make the right decision by looking on the monitor right in front of them.  
Another thing I heard from football commentators is that VAR assistant of Turkish referees appointed to conduct UEFA matches will not be Turkish either since, according to the UEFA, Turkish referees VAR performance was inadequate. By using film recorded at the game, referees are given the chance to review and remade their decisions, which were failed to be made properly due to fan, club or other type of pressure during the game. But Turkish referees still fail at even doing that. So, there must be some other problems.

“Money is not the remedy. We need foresight and good morals…”
We have established the fact that referees need improving, but what about the managers? Of course, they need improving too. As none of these managers has been able to offer any tangible accomplishments yet, we obviously have difficulties finding people with merit and enthusiasm. Whenever these types of people start to successfully climb the ladder of success, someone shakes the ladder and tries to fall them down. Some groups give their best efforts to ensure their rivals’ failure whereas they should have been working towards their own success. And the owners of official social media accounts break people’s hearts and turn friends against each other with offensive, rude and sarcastic comments.
In short, football in Turkey is a serious issue which is somehow taken lightly. It is a platform where people in search of identity find themselves. It is dearly valued by those people no matter how apparently terrible it is. It is an environment where hooligans gain favour, not reasonable football fans. Turkish can’t be saved by monetary support unless the managers’ mind-set changes.
Well, I can’t say that Turkish football is beyond saving. However, we need something stronger than money or miracle solutions. 
The current management model in Turkish Football will not support long-term competition with European opponents. We sadly have only a few achievements in generating talent and valuation. A couple of days ago, it has been revealed that Real Madrid is speaking of a figure of around 100 million pounds for Danish player Christian Eriksen. I repeat, current management model in Turkish Football clubs will never allow any Turkish player to get an appraisal of such high figure.
In short, we fail to realize that we ridiculously expect Turkish football sector to achieve big success, a sector where each element from managers to referees, coaches to commentators are treated unjustly. In the meantime, we continue to break each other’s hearts over games results and referee mistakes.  
Football is a big industry. To achieve success, you should stop being a fanatic or hooligan; instead start improving our analytical thinking skills and good morals, also raise our voices when we see others get treated unfairly. We should not hope for progress and improvement in Turkish football unless we do what’s needed to be done.