Sino-Russian Rapprochement.

The affairs in Turkey are tremendously messy these days. On the one hand, we have the upcoming elections, on the other, our deteriorating economy. Of course, Turkey has its eyes also on the recent Sino-Russian rapprochement and Putin’s fate.


Arrest warrants issued for Putin for over alleged war crimes pushed Russian leader into China’s lap. I China’s Xi Jinping, thinking that reaching out to Putin, in this polarized world, is the appropriate approach, made China one of the chief enemies of the Western World, as predicted in the National Security Strategy.

Who knows? Perhaps those who are uncomfortable with Xi Jinping securing an unprecedented third term as president are tricking him into making wrong decisions. But I know that this film will not have a happy ending.


Obviously, contacting or protecting a person who is accused of war crimes by the International Criminal Court, or signing an agreement with him are things that sane people would not do. Since the Chinese leader has no mental health issues, as far as I know, he probably regards the international law as “the law of the West” therefore does not care about it or thinks that he will not get into trouble because of his acts.


As a matter of fact, the Trump administration and the Anglo-Saxon leaders should be blamed for this Sino-Russian rapprochement. The mass ‘cancelling’ campaign targeting Huawei almost became proxy war between China and the West. While the US seemed like it supported the One-China policy, it actually backed Taiwan. But the moves in the game between the West and China have always been subtle as opposed to that between Russia and the West. Under Putin, Russia spread death and fear by using sometimes the mafia, sometimes business people, and sometimes its intelligence agencies.


“Meanwhile in Turkey…”


NATO’s eastward expansion cannot be a reason for killing innocent people. The fact that the US, the UK, and the rest of the West constantly stir up trouble and bring bloodshed is equally immoral. However, kidnapping children, poisoning people who have taken refuge in another country, shutting its airspace in order to prevent the wounded soldiers from accessing emergency aid are all Putin’s doings.


Meanwhile in Turkey, the elections are fast approaching and the candidates are using their political campaign tactics, though not as subtle as chess moves. By the looks of things, more and more people are convinced that the elections are likely to end in second round. This possibility obviously increases tensions in the money market. The letters sent by the Central Bank to the banks tell us that the CBRT has already started to exert a direct control on the country’s foreign exchange market.

I guess tensions will keep growing in the markets every day until the 14th of May.