Some may do it, but Trump… I doubt it…

As the new week begins, the upcoming talks between the President of the United States of America and the Korean President make the top item on the world agenda. There is a bit tabloid aspect to the meeting of these two Presidents considering the recent exchange of inappropriate words between them, stepping out of the line of diplomatic courtesy, and explicit nuclear threats against each other.

I think Trump wants to leave his stamp on history, just like Reagan did by signing a nuclear arms reduction treaty with the Soviet Union. However, when looking back at the history, it becomes more apparent that Trump is nothing like Reagan. They have nothing in common, neither the intensity of the fight they made to win the elections nor their approaches to world affairs or the words that come out of their mouths. Their only common aspect is the fact that they both have been Republican Party presidential candidates.

As leaders of the 21st century dream of being a hero by eliminating the problems that they had created in the first place, I can surely say that Trump too has desire to eliminate the nuclear threat which was fuelled by himself to begin with. What I mean is Trump has practically failed at everything he set out to do. Almost half of the staff recruited into the White House have either quit or have been forced to quit their jobs. Apparently, people currently working with him do not possess the required qualities or competencies either. That’s why I won’t be surprised if he fails this meeting too.

In short, some of the world leaders have the ability to solve the chaos they have created at the outset, but Trump is not one of them.

By the way: Moody’s rating actions on Turkey haven’t brought any significant impact on Turkish markets. According to sources I talked to during the weekend, other rating agencies won’t be taking any negative action against Turkey soon.

So, Turkey has managed to go through yet another trouble, without further damage. However, this ‘not too big success’ shouldn’t keep us from doing what it should really be done.