The biggest disaster…

Trump stirred the pot again announcing that the United States officially recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and they will move the American Embassy there.

In my previous reports, I mentioned some of my American colleagues have said that Trump needed a war so as he can continue to hold office. Doing the best he can to create trouble everywhere in the world, from North Korea to the Middle East, Trump reminded me of one of my childhood memories.

I spent several years in Britain from 1982 to 1994, for the treatment of my mother, where I used to attend football matches on a regular basis. Another regularity was,  the common chant of fans: “Stand up if you hate M.U.” It was very astonishing to see, how the sympathy of British people for Manchester United after Munich air crash where eight players died, turned to a mutual hate. It was “everybody against them.” 

Today, Trump managed to help parties, who seemed impossible to get along with each other, come into consensus against both himself and America last night. From Muslim world to Vatican, everyone agrees that he made the wrong decision. Soon, citizens of the world will begin to hate Trump and then the Americans who voted for him, which would be the least desirable thing that could possibly happen. No one in his right mind would wish for that.

There will surely be a lot of discussion about whose purpose it would serve to cause so much hatred against America, who would take advantage of the outcome.

 Let me share with you my latest post on social media: “Trump proved to be the biggest disaster not only for America, but also  for planet earth”.