The future looks bright but…

Suppose that you’re traveling from Istanbul to Ankara. The motorway is covered in dense thick fog, which is terribly annoying. And to top it all off, there’s road work ahead, only one lane used.

“I should call them”, you figure.

  • Hi everyone! How’s it going?
  • There’s power outage! We’re freezing! We don’t have water either!
  • That’s terrible!

Bad news from family and friends would make the road seems like it will never end. You wonder, “Will it always be like this?” This gloomy mood starts affecting your decisions.

What would happen if the conversation went like this?

  • Hi everyone! How’s it going?
  • We’re more than fine! The sun is shining! There’s a table full of tastiness waiting for you!
  • Great!

Good news from family and friends would make all the problems you may encounter during your trip seem like tiny, minute details. You get back into a good mood and you let it shape your future decisions.

In short, Turkey will always have a bright future because this country has never let the past challenges darken its future. The Republic of Turkey is built on strong foundations. And the strongest of all is the moral compass of Turkish Citizens.

Sometimes people say, “The future looks bright but what if can’t never see it?” “Haven’t you ever had a beautiful day?” I ask them in reply. But we can’t pretend life is a bed of roses especially now, when the world is facing too many challenges like leader changes in Europe and the United States, global rise of protectionism and nationalism, power struggles and conflict in the Middle East.

These changes will impact Turkey as well. It’s just inevitable. And the only way to get out of the upcoming situation with the least damage possible is to re-embrace the founding principles of the Republic of Turkey. One Home, One Flag, One Nation will be our motto but we will not use it to discriminate against anyone based on any differences, because these differences are our most valuable asset, helping us move towards a bright future.

PS: It’s been two years since I wrote article. But, the same goes for today’s world. We should make people feel confident about the future particularly when it comes to release the election results in the fairest manner possible. If this problem isn’t solved soon or if any action that is contrary to society’s moral compass is taken, expectations for the future will turn negative. After all, the art of management involves the ability to manage expectations in the most effective way. “To handle” and “to manage” are two very different things.