The Land of Those Who Can’t Decide without Being Told What to Do…

The reports and various scenarios I read about the spread rate of the coronavirus across the world show us that it may last until June that the disease will hit its peak level and start decreasing slowly. As for the US, the Americans may have to wait until the middle of July before they can breathe a sigh of relief. Obviously, these assumptions are made based on data provided in some reports or scenarios.

At last, the World is realizing that this is a serious threat. But the threat is “invisible”. No one can expect average people to have knowledge of microbiology but it doesn’t go unnoticed wither that in other countries business leaders are taking protective actions against the virus without waiting for orders from their governments. In Turkey, however, doing nothing without being told to do something by Ankara is a pathetic habit of business leaders here.

It’s only normal for Government Agencies, schools, Universities, Hospitals and Municipalities to wait for instructions from Ankara before taking any action but it’s just not understandable that corporations granted with freedom to make their own decisions waited so long to make something in order to protect their employees. There may be a few reasons behind their timidity.

The first reason why they don’t stop their operations is because they think people are making a big deal out of this virus thing and they don’t get to understand how dangerous it actually is. Another reason is that they want to keep working without adhering with hygiene standards, that’s why they try to avoid covering the cost for implementing good hygiene practice in the workplace. They apparently are determined to keep what they’re doing until somebody says, “Stop!” They think what they do is “legitimate” since they see no authority around capable of stopping them. The fact that only a few companies in Turkey are financially powerful enough to tolerate their operations get suspended becomes a pretext under which they continue to ignore the value of human lives.

Nationalization might be ahead…”

As I keep thinking all about this, I continue to watch international television networks and read all the coronavirus-related reports. Even in the United States, many companies do sadly continue their operations. Despite this very fact, jobless rates are hitting new record highs. According to recent statistics, millions of Americans are applying for unemployment benefits. The U.S. Secretary of the Treasury said, “These numbers make no sense” but what he said after showed that he knew how dangerous this contagion might be.

G7 countries should prepare for nationalization to avoid any possible recession. But, despite the menace, stock markets keep building historic rallies, which go to show that the mental state of not only the business leaders, but that of the investors as well is not normal.

Everyone will eventually get calmer at some point, this will either be the point the pandemic will reach its peak and then start falling, or the point where everyone will say, “How much worse could things get?” To help people come down, we need to give them good news about the coronavirus pandemic because economic measures can only work for a temporary period of time.