The Twitter Takeover…

I am reading the reports by International Organisations where they voice their concerns about global growth, which are mostly due to tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Meanwhile, the midterm elections that will take place in the United States towards the end of the year are also a matter of concern. With Elon Musk buying Twitter, I can predict that there will be different interactions in both the U.S. and all around the world.

Elon Musk, who previously bought 9.1% of Twitter shares for $2.62 billion, offered a $44bn deal to buy Twitter in a takeover. Twitter’s board has unanimously approved Musk’s offer. If the shareholders and regulatory authorities do not object to the deal, the transaction will be completed. An interesting detail was that Twitter, which first resisted Musk’s offer, has suddenly changed its mind. Musk announced that after the deal is finalised, bot accounts will be removed, and an open and clearer communication will prevail on Twitter. This is indeed a very important development before the upcoming U.S. midterm elections. If automated manipulation can be prevented, a brand-new communication era will begin.

I also expect Turkey, which is the country that is most exposed to fake news among OECD countries, will be positively affected by this takeover. Recently, I replied to a follower of mine on Twitter who was criticising me behind a fake name, “You are telling me that I do not express my opinions freely, yet you are criticising me behind a newly opened account with a pseudonym”. The response was interesting:

“Sir, I took the exam to get a job in the government, that’s why I can’t use my real name”. Musk’s acquisition of Twitter can bring changes into our lives. First of all, disinformation and perception management using fake names and automated accounts will end. On the other hand, in oppressed countries, it will not be possible for people to spread certain news without getting themselves into trouble. Although the “call for open communication” brought positive impacts in some respects, it may also cause undesirable effects.

“Elon Musk Does Not Give Off Reliable Vibes.”

I do not believe that each of my followers should like me even though sometimes I have concerns about the real identities of people who write positive or negative comments about me on social media. My late father Erdogan Alkin used to say, “Read the works of the people even if you don’t agree with their opinions”.

Obviously, every step of those who have an account on social media is watched by the owners of the social networking service. Given the fact that we are exposed to marketing based on the words we use in our phone conversations, they may as well be managing our perception by identifying our political and social tendencies. Therefore, Musk will probably use Twitter to his advantage for the upcoming U.S. midterm elections. He had already proven that he has an appetite for manipulation.

Twitter too may have to face the same allegations previously made against Facebook, or maybe worse. The processes designed for identity verification provide data to third parties about every second of our lives. Perhaps, after a while, Twitter will become a money-making machine that collects data for companies or political institutions.

Producing so many scenarios based on a simple takeover might sound a bit delusional. But none of this is a conspiracy theory because many of them have happened to us and continue to happen to us.

Elon Musk has announced that he wants to buy Coca Cola as well. I guess we have to wait and see how far he will go.