There’s nothing to say today…

Innocent people were killed by a terrorist attack on a Sunday afternoon, yesterday, in Istanbul. The happy photos of the children, and their parents who were the victims of this despicable attack are being shared on social media. As a nation, we are left speechless by this tragic event.


I can only imagine the panic felt by people who were just passing by, and the fear that foreigners and their families in Istanbul have of being caught up in such a tragic horror, which is the goal of terrorism in the first place, to use violence to inculcate fear in a population.


On the other hand, these dreadful events have also revealed those who, for some reason, feel very strongly compelled to present a valid ground for violence targeting innocents, while condemning terrorism at the same time. Such hypocrisy!


But in the end, innocent people and their devasted families are the real victims of terrorism. Just think about it, you go out on a beautiful Sunday, and then you are suddenly killed in a radical attack, and you will never be able to hug your loved ones once again! Lives that end before they even begin, those who have so much to live for… They are no longer among us, but we will continue to live, continue to live our own destiny. Unfortunately, this is the reality of the 21st century. Quickly forgetting the past.


Almost everyone I spoke to told me they are so tired that they feel like their energy and vitality have been consumed. Their bodies are dragging their weary souls. And to avoid further contamination of their bodies and spirits, people are becoming more and more apathetic every day. This state of mind, which seem awful to us, comes to the rescue like a “prescription for unconsciousness” in hard times.