Things got crazy, again!

First of all i would like to ask for eternal glory for our ever victorious army. While Turkey’s neighbouring region becomes even more instable every day, it seems now inevitable for Turkey to take some serious measures against some countries’ foul ambitions.

It can be observed that Israel has been trying to create a buffer zone between Iran and its own soil while stirring up trouble in Syria and antagonizing Turkey so as to achieve its ultimate goals. Similarly, the reason why Israel is standing against Turkey in Eastern Mediterranean is because it’s trying to create a terrorist state, stretching from the Iran border to the Mediterranean. In order to achieve a particular aim, Israel gets the support of Trump who would definitely not be in office today if it weren’t for the Evangelists, the star pupil of the pro-Israel lobbyists.

“Expected and unexpected reactions…”

It was inevitable for Turkey to react to such foul formation that has been fuelling terrorists’ hotbed within its own borders. Indeed, Turkey made its move, seeing the US’s indifference to the situation. When we take an objective approach towards these developments, we come to the following conclusions:

  • The United States and Israel keeps creating instability in the region
  • Russia wants to enhance its influence over the region, taking advantage of this state of instability.
  • Iran can potentially take a wrong step so as to distract public, get them preoccupied with something other than internal conflicts.
  • As it is perfectly known that the US and Israel won’t let Turkey gain on terrorist groups, apparently each of these countries has other plans as well.
  • We should also not ignore the possibility that a series of events may be triggered to pit Turkey against Iran.

In short, the fact that exchange rates are currently rising seems rather unimportant next to the possibly upcoming conflicts, since the rise in FX rates may stop after a while but if the region becomes a mess again, believe me, no one will ever think about neither exchange rates nor interest rates.

The only thing that might surprise the others, who probable made detailed analysis about Turkey’s possible steps, would be an “unexpected” move by Turkish government, because Turkey acted pretty much as expected so far.