This is an article expressing my reproach

Every time I look at the social media, I notice particularly the comments made about me: “Advocator”, “Moderationist “, and “Opponent”. These are the most gentile things people say about me. Apparently, my habit of saying the things that are right or wrong out loud upsets the others. But, no one says anything bad about those who are fervently advocates for a particular cause of policy.

As I’ve been a keen observer since I was little, I’m very well aware that saying the right things while trying to make people the right thing is the toughest job. Given that I’ve been working since I was almost 18, I usually tend to deliver my comments or observations by combining my economic knowledge that I’ve gathered from economy books throughout the years with my practical experience. I know that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence; however, when you’re a person of top position it’s really hard to do the right things while fighting against the pressure.

There were times I had to confront with the executives, especially when taking difficult decisions. Through the decisions I’ve taken or answers I’ve given, I had to put people in politically awkward positions. But I can’t help myself telling the truth when I’m aware of it.

The manners I learnt from my late father don’t let me judge people based on the clothes they put on, their view of life or the way they speak. I listen to what they have to say. I’m not a prejudiced person. I tend to maintain my tolerance of others as those who deliver the work are declined to make mistakes.

If I’m able to contact people with top positions directly, I never use social media to express my criticism. However, if these people avoid listening to what I have to say, I give my best efforts and use every mean possible to tell what I know to be true. I do not expect people to think that I’m right. Doing the right thing is what I value the most. That’s why I always try to keep my criticism within the boundaries of science and practical knowledge. I also tend to deliver solution proposals in a quick and brief manner. If people inquire further information about these solutions, they can always call me, anytime they want.

I’m no journalist. I’m a man of science. I’m not affiliated with any political cause or doctrine. That’s why the style I adopted to reveal the truth and freely voice it out may seem a bit different to some people. There are very distinguished experts who think just like me but they are way more popular than me. They too avoid delivering heavy criticism so as keep institutions from harm. Recently, however, even this moderate level of criticism seems quite heavy to people in office.

“The only point opposite poles agree upon”

When people ignore my warnings and insist on making the same mistakes over and over again, I quit being Mr. Nice Guy. But whenever I do this, almost always, I am accused of becoming a fierce opponent of the government, which makes me really sad indeed. We, who were violently opposed discrimination based on outfit, faith or lifestyle in the early 2000s, were used to receive the same criticism as well. There were cases where we had to resign to make a point. We didn’t do that just to get people’s thanks. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice in order to show people the truth.

As a matter of fact, in this country, once victims always become the next offenders. And, in any case, the parties get mad at people like us, because we support what is right and criticise what is wrong. CBRT decision, tax rates, interest rates, exchange rates, high inflation and high rate of unemployment are only mere results of this vicious circle. Therefore, we choose to focus on the essence of the matter instead of delivering heavy and long criticism.

They are getting angry at us because we do not change our minds about the necessity of implementing structural reforms. We say, “Justice, education and Freedom” while others say “first provide job opportunities and a regular income” or “Turkey doesn’t have any problems. You just like to oppose to everything!” Whenever I say that the achievement of separation of powers, democracy and freedom of speech would impress foreign investors way more than the taxation reform, I am heavily criticised of speaking too harshly. Not to mention, those who think that exchange rates movements have nothing to do with justice.

The fact that social media is getting more and more powerful results in an increase in the number of those who speak and write without thinking. As I read the comments people post on social media I become really concerned. I was raised knowing that making comments about anything blindly, whether in favour or in opposition, is wrong. I can understand what feelings or emotions drive these people to write such things. But this doesn’t mean that I necessarily agree with them.

In short, it’s easy to come up with solutions to economic problems. But, in order to offer solutions, we first need to admit that there are problems that need to be solved. One of the key problems Turkey is facing today involves transparency, justice, social rights and separation of powers. Now that I said that, I’m pretty sure some people will shout at me, “Well, hello!” along with those who will accuse me of being opponent again.

Unfortunately, life in Turkey will never change unless we get rid of our habit of controlling people whereas we should control the works people are doing. Governments, administrators will come and go but some will always insist that, “everything’s fine” while the others will say, “nothing goes right”. And the only point they agree on will be the fact that they are mad at us