Tunisia expects Turkey’s attention…

After our 3-day visit to Tunisia, we are finally back in Istanbul.

I must say, however, that President Erdogan’s previous visit to Tunisia has helped us in terms of connecting with people more easily. Every Tunisian I have spoken to seemed quite happy with Erdogan’s visit, saying their country expects more Turkish investments.

Sadly, Tunisian tourism industry is badly damaged after the most recent events in the country. Yet, it is not completely un-investible. Real estate rates are relatively reasonable compared to other countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea. The ‘construction madness’ has not started here yet. In Algeria, however, the Chinese get the lion’s share of construction/contracting business.

“Great investment opportunities…”

Tunisian universities with whom we signed cooperation agreements provide quality education, mostly focusing on engineering, business administration and law. And they are also ready for hospital investments as they are aware of the fact that Turkey is one of the leading countries in the university hospital investments and business.

Infrastructure investments stand out as a priority item on Tunisia’s agenda. They request Turkey’s support especially for the restoration of historical buildings. Home to many Roman, Cartaghian and Ottoman sites and ruins, Tunisia unfortunately remains unable to carry out renovation activities because of financing problems and lack of high-quality experts. I must also mention that Ambassador of Turkey in Tunisia is beloved and respected by everyone. Those having the intention of investing in Tunisia should definitely contact his Excellency.

Now, a very quick look at markets: on Monday, stock exchange, interest rates and exchange rates had gone up all together. Yesterday, they went down together again, proving the recent high volatility in markets. As you may remember, I told you about the reasons why this is happening in yesterday’s report. So, I’d like to suggest all investors to carry on as always without tying up money in multiple instruments.