Turkey and the West walking away from each other… Who would get the benefit of it?

When we take a look at the CDS, one of the key data about the risks a country may run, we can see that the Turkish economy looks worse than the economy in Brazil and Russia. Luckily, Turkey hasn’t hit the record levels yet, because, last year it had touched even higher levels compared to this year.

I must say, however, that things are going wrong not just in Turkey but also all around the world. Yesterday, US markets faced sharp declines again, and what’s worse, this happened following a long-time flat trend. The interesting thing is the US housing data had turned out better than expected. I don’t think the fact that consumer confidence index turned out to be worse than expected cannot be a reason for such harsh sales.

On the other hand, tensions between the allies of Russia and the US keep escalating. This two-way conflict has spread almost to NATO now, reaching a peak with expulsion of diplomats. Anyone with the ability to think clearly can see Russia’s magic touches are spread all over the world, including US Presidential election process and British Exit from the European Union. Maybe not today, but one day we’ll see if Russia was involved or not in troubles Turkey has gone through so far.

The harder the conflict between Turkey and the West, apparently Turkey will have to turn to the East, even if not forever, but for a short period of time. Then facing Russia, Turkey may not avoid taking some steps, including S-400 missile system, cooperation with Iran, which all would definitely seem controversial, especially to the West. Particularly the visa liberalisation issue, Western World’s each step to ostracise Turkey causes both parties to slowly walk away from each other. But, who would get the benefit of it?

“European values….”

We know that neither Turkey nor the West will get anything out of this conflict. So, who will get the benefit of it? The solution is clear. Both parties should take a step back and think about it, instead of blaming merely Russia. EU Summit in Varna won’t provide the right environment for parties to have clear understanding of the issue. It doesn’t take a genius to see that an ostracised Turkey by the EU would lead to a greater Russian threat.

I think the Unites States is experiencing massive traumas because of Trump and isn’t even aware of it and the growing Russian threat. On the one hand, Russia’s Putin is trying to design new policies to keep him in power for the rest of his life; on the other hand, Chinese leader will have a lifelong tenure, which means the East is going backwards instead of moving forward.

European Union should be reminded of its mission bestowed upon it by the history and win Turkey over before it’s too late. “EU will dissolve anyway!” That’s the kind of thinking Turkey should avoid at all costs. The European Union’s fundamental values are secularism, respect for human rights, freedom, philosophies encouraging science, arts and sports. The fact that Europeans seem to have forgotten that doesn’t mean they don’t have it anymore.

Turkey needs to stay calm and start a revolution of thought. In order to do that, however, it will require a proper style of rhetoric to get people really listen. Instead of desperately trying to proving itself right, Turkey should adopt an approach to implement his ideas and visions for the good of the world.