Turkey Has a Bright Future Ahead but We Should Reconcile to Make It Really Happen.

Dear friends, I’ve been pointing out one important thing for the last couple of years. If those in power are fuelling the gap among different opinions in the society, provoking them to do further so is not the best approach.

I see many esteemed colleagues fail to control their emotions and sometimes tend to go beyond criticism in their articles. Yes, I agree with them on many issues, but it is our duty to say the right thing at the right place and time and ultimately help ensure that the job is done right. Insisting on quarrelling will not help convince people to do the right thing.

There are two ways to dissuade obstinate decision makers from changing their minds: Either to show them that their methods hurts themselves, or the people who support them must somehow express to them that they have suffered greatly from their policies and practices. Since their economic policies are not obviously hurting them, we should try to do the latter. I know that voters who support the People’s Alliance are substantially disturbed by the current economic model. Therefore, I suggest representatives from each industry urgently come together to make a list of their grievances and requests regarding monetary and fiscal policies, and socio-economic life and submit to the decision makers.

I think that if the press and the media work convincingly to have these voices heard in their networks and publications, we will get some solid results. Remember, headlines such as “the government will kneel before the markets” will only make the conflict worse and more people will get hurt by this situation. I’m saying this for both the government and the opposition, and their supporters.