Two down, one to go…

We discussed technology in a meeting held earlier this week where some distinguished professors and experts have one by one expressed their ideas. When it was my turn to speak, the participants asked me about what I think of Blockchain and digital transformation. I said, “As a matter of fact, we have already been using this system of creating exchange value without using paper money.”

Say you’re buying a plane ticket but you can’t collect miles without traveling by plane, which means the act of ‘spending money on plane ticket’ alone is not the only value from the perspective of the airway company. But once you fly, you get to gain numerous advantages. We get to use our miles to buy plane tickets or to enter lounges where we can wait for our flight enjoying complimentary food and drinks.

Then I told them that providing fresh water and food to stray animal is only a twit away! When we manage to remain as a full member of some association or community, our seniority brings us to a whole another position where we are treated differently than others. We become a “role model”. I recently found out that it’s been 25 years since I became a member of Büyük Kulüp (Cercle d’Orient) in Fenerbahçe, Istanbul which makes me now a member of the High Council. Now that I’m a member of the High Council, I think senior members will ask my opinion about critical decisions and I will be permitted to recommend new members to the club.

Hinting at the U.S. Embassy that acquired the SOHO club recently, I reminded the members of the fact that there are still private clubs or restaurants where only members are allowed. Being wealthy is not enough for being granted a membership to such places, you also have to have reputation and prestige. I am obviously talking about the universal definition of reputation.

And I finally said that all Wimbledon champions are natural members of All England club. However, the All England Club did not accord him honorary club membership as a response to his on-court outbursts during the Championship. This is a perfect example of being successful does not always makes you a winner. The methods we use on the path towards success also matters.

Blockchain technology can help us prevent fraud and corruption. Hopefully, “ethical behaviour and good morals”, which should be considered a fundamental value but became an extra quality today, will get the respect it deserves.

Now, let’s tackle something a little more delicate: I can guess that in the near future religion-oriented/based political and commercial strategies/relationships will lose power one by one; because in such relationships, “confidence” usually tends to be the common ground. We all do very well know the damages caused by certain organizations that exploit the spiritual ideas or of the spirituality of others for personal gain or partisan interests.

Therefore, it is my belief that technology will be a great asset for us in ensuring that moral values are shaped within the scope of ethics without needing any religious belief or faith.

By the way, I suggest you to keep a close track of the recent rise in Gold. Yes, we are all aware of geopolitical risks, but if people keep losing confidence in dominant currencies, it would be only a matter of time that this upward trend spreads to crypto currencies.