Vote of the people must be respected…

I do not want to say anything specific before the official election results are in. But there’s one fact I’d like to voice is that, in Turkey, there are two ways voters use to say what they want to say: Direct and indirect. Let me explain what I mean:

Turkish voters can give their message to the addressee directly, which means they are given the ability to deliver their complaints directly to the mayor, a deputy or the President of the Republic himself. And they do not hesitate to do it.

But, in case they can’t find the opportunity to deliver their complaints to the addressee directly or they are not provided with any solutions even after they’ve made complaints, then they choose to say what I have to say, indirectly, by casting their votes to another party. If this wasn’t the case, in each election, number of votes would remain stable in cities where the ruling or the opposing party won. Accordingly, I think all political parties should learn from the recent election results.

I’ll make further comments as elections results keep coming in. But for now, it would not be very realistic to expect political leaders to change their stance considering the political scene that has emerged so far. Now, let’s get to the real point: Economy.

“Why do we keep making the same mistakes over and over again?”

In 1994 and 2001 crises, economy officials had taken some very wrong actions. They tried to bring interest rates under control in 1994, and exchange rates in 2001. Turkey has gone through both crises, but it was deeply wounded. Anything the economy administration tried to control back then has slipped through their fingers.

Unfortunately, similar mistakes were made again last week. I can almost hear people at the CBRT say, “We used the instruments we got”. But, taking actions within the rules of market is not enough. Institutions also need to use their powers in a supportive, balanced
If you declare, “I’m the law” Everyone would expect you to deliver justice.

By the way, apparently I’ve offended some people with my criticism on CBRT moves last week. Almost everyone knows that I’m not a man who chooses silence when things are wrong. My good upbringing and solid educational background don’t let me keep quiet when I think that something is not right. People called me to ask me what this was all about and I told them about the reasons why I made such harsh criticism. While many of them agreed with me, a couple of others said, “Wouldn’t it be better if you kept it to yourself, especially now on the eve of the election”. So, I told them what my mother used to tell me:

“If you bend the truth to your circumstances, I will not give you my blessings as your mother…”

My mother, whom I lost too soon, was the most honest and decent person I’ve known. This advice from such a precious person will stay with me forever. She always maintained a dignified stance, always stood by her words.

In short, I’m determined not to live up to other people’s expectations. That’s not how I was raised. I want to honour my parents’ legacy in defending what I know to be true.

The morning report ends here with my heartfelt wishes that these elections will bring nothing but good to our country, our people and to the whole world.