What does superpower mean?

The fact that Russia, Iran and Turkey have reached a multilateral consensus regarding Middle-Eastern policies, should be considered a direct message for both the US and Israel. Europa can’t have too much to say for this recent formation as it has trade/investment ties with those three.

However, with the US becoming a party to escalating tensions between Russia and UK, I think we might easily say that countries in the region will soon get into alliance seeking. The fact that Russia has taken a series of diplomatic or technological actions involving many countries including EU, US and Turkey can be considered a defensive reaction as it has been forced to retreat into its shell. Nevertheless, Russia seems quite determined to change the “unipolar world” emerged in 1990s following the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

So far, Russia has made many military and technological attempts to achieve its goal. These attempts, however, do not seem enough to make Russia a “superpower”. The world will remain unipolar, unless Russia thrives in sports, art and science; because, before the collapse, the USSR was a leading country in the world of sports, art and science. Everything was not about the nuclear war. However, today, things changed drastically.

“Power or Wisdom…?”

In light of the abovementioned background, I may say that Russia will never be able to create a “global superpower” image as long as it sticks with 20th century parameters. Young people of today do not only appreciate those who are strong as Hercules, but they also like those who are smart like Archimedes. We don’t need to conduct a Canadian PM vs. Putin survey to find out which one of them would seem more agreeable to people.

Today’s generations prefer transparency over secrecy, networks over hierarchies. They ignore the rich. They sight those whose cause is just. We are living in an era where things that are being done should be brought under control, not people. Only new experiences would help us create added-value.

Now that you have read this, how can you possibly worry about exchange and interest rates?