What should be done to solve the problems?

I’ve been attending so many dinners lately, where I have the opportunity to talk to highly-respected people engaged in business, arts, sports and science as well as state politics. Here’s my impression so far:

First of all, everyone seems more hopeful after the March 31 elections However, there’s still a certain level of anger and frustration due to the cancellation of elections. People mostly wanted to learn whether I received any answers to my list of 7 questions. I nodded my head and smiled gently every time they asked me this, because I must admit that absolutely no one provided any answers to what I asked. As you may remember, I made a list involving 7 key questions that are stuck in my mind after the Supreme Electoral Council decision. I asked every one of those questions to their respective addressees both in writing and on television. If you are curious what it is all about, you may check out the video on my YouTube channel.

Other than that, during these iftar dinners I met a lot of people who believe that economic challenges in Turkey are growing bigger every passing day, but risks can still be brought under control. You might ask, “What should be done to solve these issues?” Apparently, people seem to have reached a consensus on the three following matters:

  1. Admit that there is a problem
  2. Have the necessary human resource to solve it
  3. Have the political will to properly implement the solutions

As we are sadly incapable of overcoming the first problem, we haven’t been able to solve the rest, obviously. We are to face bigger problems unless we stop delaying economic action and taking temporary measures instead. Everyone is sick and tired of never-ending elections. Now, there’s another election on the horizon, maybe another early election.

“If we could just overcome the first issue, the rest will surely come….”

I still have hope. There are many worthy people here who do not instantly flee abroad when overwhelmed by hard circumstances. These people are committed to their country’s long-term success. There are a lot of funds out there waiting to enter Turkey but we sure must give the world the right reason for investing. Turkey is filled with young and highly-promising minds.

We need a brand new narrative to successfully tell that Turkey has a bright future ahead. We need a brand new model of development built upon Justice, Education and Freedom. We don’t the IMF or any other institution to achieve these goals. The first thing we should do is to eliminate social and political polarization.

But, it seems like we never get to beat the first problem, no matter what we do. If we could just admit that we have some major issues that need to be solved, the rest will surely come. Apparently, the second issue on the list is not very easy to cope with either. The only thing on the list that doesn’t need improvement is the third item.

As I said, we just need to accept the fact that we have problems that need to be solved. If we can do that, the rest will come.