“You buy expectations and sell the ones that are realized” This was one of the most popular mottos of the 1990s. Back in the day, most of the market actors would be informed of or predict Government’s decisions, companies’ critical actions so the companies’ stock price and market cap would increase or decrease based on the intel provided to market actors.

But now, the investors of the 21st century hardly act based on expectations as this century is dominated by powerful rhetoric and lack of trustiness. That is why investors do not buy any longer anything they can’t touch with their own hands or see with their own eyes. I can almost hear you say, “Wouldn’t be a bit late to invest after the news is spread?” but no one is that stupid anymore.

God knows how many times people trusted that the dollar would fall or interest rates would go down. But, it didn’t happen. I honestly do not think that no one would say such things without actually believing they’re true. However, I really think that we should do something, something that can affect the result, instead of worrying about things we can’t control.

For instance, why not help the economy administration adopt independent policies? The political will, on the other hand, can inspect whether the economy administration is working or not to secure national interests.

“Less talking, more doing…”

Instead of engaging in exchange rate discussions, let’s give our best effort to pave the way for foreign currency generating activities. Let’s provide the necessary incentives and facilities to help manufacturers produce High-Value Added goods and services. Let’s prove that we really attach great importance to education, infrastructure, digital transformation, design and innovation, instead of trying to attract foreign investors using promises like, “You can start a company in just one day!”

Instead of starting interest rate discussions or making promises that we can’t keep, we should use funds in the most wisely manner possible to convince foreign funding providers to work with us when our own resources remain scarce. Let’s prove that we care more about investing in humans than investing in cement.

As Rumi said, “Let’s raise our words, not voice”. Let’s not misdescribe things that are clearly visible to others’ eyes. Let’s seek counsel and wisdom where we lack knowledge or expertise. Therefore, we can avoid saying things we will regret later.

Believe me, one day we will be really mature enough that we won’t even remember the fights or broken hearts, or people who laughed at us when we were going down this long and difficult road.