Which one is more reliable? The U.S. or Russia…

The truth is people are really confused. When we put the latest developments in Idlib and news from Osaka together, it’s likely to think that Turkey-U.S. ties are being mended. However, there’s one thing…

The Eastern Mediterranean Security and Energy Partnership Act of 2019 passed the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations just prior to the start of G-20 Summit. According to the legislation, the U.S. lifts the prohibition on arms sales to the Republic of Cyprus and impedes the transfer of F-35 aircraft to Turkey, who had signed an S-400 missile deal with Russia. Meanwhile, the fact that Trump said he may visit Turkey in July gave me the following impression: “I’m doing my best but Government Bodies are trying to cut me off”, which may be interpreted as the U.S. President would be willing to get along with Turkey, if the U.S. Administration didn’t obstruct him.

What about Russia? Does it want to get along with us? I don’t think so. Turks and Russians never trusted each other. A reliable friend of mine recently told me Putin always keeps his words and he doesn’t forgive those who don’t. I take him at his word as he lived in Russia for many years. But, I wonder which one of his words does Putin keep? Was it the ones he said when the Russian jet shot down by Turkey or the words he is saying now? I’m worried about other things as well.

“Friend or Foe?”

I can’t help but remember the fact that Russian Forces conducted joint patrols with PYD members in Syria and the Syrian military pointed the weapons they bought from Russians at Turkish Forces. That is to say, if you asked me, “Who is more trustworthy? Americans or Russians?” I would say “Russians” without hesitation. Don’t take it the wrong way; I’m not saying “Russian Government is truthful”. I’m just saying that the Russian Government is not to be trusted as it is unpredictable and has chosen autocracy over democracy a long time ago. I’m sure Russians have their principles but I’m not sure whether these principles have genuinely universal connotations.

In the light of all the facts mentioned above, I can say that the S-400 issue is far from solved. I do not deny the fact that Turkey needs an air defense missile system. However, when it comes to diplomatic relations, we must hold our heads up high without seeming too “needy”. We must be confident and believe in ourselves especially when we’re around those who seem like a friend to us, but displaying hostility at the same time. “Strength of mind”, not “obstinacy”, is the only key to open any door.