Who are to become Ministers?

As a new week begins, President Erdogan’s oath-taking ceremony and the highly anticipated ministerial list are likely to stand at the top of this week’s agenda. Up to now, several alternative contents were made for the cabinet.

According to the intel I get, some of the top business people are on the list, whom we all know quite well. Having served as opinion leaders more than 10 years, they are the connoisseurs of Turkey as well as Turkish business industries. It may be quite a pretentious assertion if I said that these leaders becoming ministers would lead to a big hype in global finance world, they however would provide confidence as people equipped with strong knowledge of banking and real sector.

On the other hand, there are “committees” in the new system and it looks like these committees will be invested with more power than the ministers themselves, at least according the organisational chart. Therefore, choosing well those who will serve on the committees is quite as important as choosing the ministers properly.

“National values to get global recognition…”

It seems highly likely that a reliable official with a calm yet determined voice will be appointed as the Minister of Foreign Affairs. I need to remind you all once again that Turkey must make an intelligible impression while its face turned to the East but its mind set on the West. Our new Minister of Foreign Affairs should demonstrate determination and mean what he means, avoiding emotional and sharp conduct.

I think a position such as the “Chancellor of the Exchequer” in Britain may be considered fit to manage the public sector, which means one Minister to handle both taxation and borrowing affairs. Well, it seems reasonable to me. It would be a significant step in terms of implementing a centralized management of public revenue, expenditure, investment and borrowing policies. And it looks like the current Minister of Finance is considered to be the strongest candidate for this position.

So, that’s enough scenarios for now. Why don’t we just calmly wait until the cabinet announcement tonight? By the way, the “Worldwide known politicians will be a member of the cabinet” expectations by certain individuals will sadly not be met, probably because Turkey has its own top ministers who will be perfectly welcomed by global markets.