Why do I embrace Blockchain and cryptocurrency?

Lately, the “authority” seems to have less influence on our lives. As even the Central Banks are trying so hard to survive, each and every aspect of autonomous and anonymous life has already stated to get integrated into our lives. Considering the fact that Turkey’s first fully domestic car is designed in a way that it will not need a driver in the future, I think I would not be wrong in saying that we have started to destroy the concept of “authority” with our own hands.

However, there is still something wrong with our approach to labour. For instance, most of the business people still demand more vocational schools to train future employees that they will hire for low value-added positions. “Young people no longer want to work those jobs…” That’s what I’ve said to an employer who was complaining about the fact that he needs more people capable of operating a forklift.

As a matter of fact, everyone is right, in their own way. There are many employers who look for “semi-skilled workers” for jobs that don’t require a college degree. But now, they are trying to hide their real motivation by claiming that they need candidates that meet the job requirements, instead of admitting that they in fact need semi-qualified workers.

Almost every company that hasn’t fully completed their transition process to high technology seek more employees. Despite the high jobless rate, the unemployed people do not want to work available jobs or jobs that are recommended for them. There are a countless number of people who are injured on the job or became victim of workplace fatalities! Who can blame young people for not wanting his fingers get caught in a machine, lose his life in an unsecured construction site, or join an industrial sector where he will have no future? I am in violent disagreement with people who blame candidates for choosing to work as a security officer at some shopping mall instead of working in a factory. Isn’t it only natural that these people choose a safer and more comfortable way of living?

“Problems everywhere…”

There is something wrong with our approach to sports as well. A former national football player has recently said that sneakers technology is overrated since his generation achieved great accomplishments football-wise wearing worn-out boots despite the fact that he had been heavily criticising the increasing price of sports footwear because of 50% extra customs duties. I couldn’t help myself but to ask him: “What accomplishments have you achieved exactly? What were your contributions to the world football?” He had no answer for me. After a few seconds of silence, I added, “Apparently, that’s all you have been able to achieve. Think twice before you speak and don’t be so unfair next time”

This is the reason why I’m fully embracing Blockchain and cryptocurrency since these two novelties will pave the way for people who wish to make their own destiny, people who do not want to abide by the rules of other people or institutions that call themselves “authority”. Actually, I’m ok with all types of technology that is able to transform everyone’s, especially young people’s energy into value.

I hope you will find new ways to be more self-sufficient and healthier in the New Year.