With the united states of USA, Parity is doomed to go up…

As operation in Syria’s Afrin continues, videos showing the debates in the US Senate regarding whether or not PYD is a terrorist organization are everywhere on the internet.

For example: Senator Graham, member of the Investigation Commission, asks Ashton Carter, who served as United States Secretary of Defense under Obama, the following question:

“You are aware that PYD has strong ties with PKK and you admit the fact that PKK is a terrorist organization, then why Turkey’s reaction seems so strange or unusual to you?”

His answer was more interesting than the question: “We don’t find it strange. We think that it is a perfectly rational reaction. What makes Turks mad is this thing we do.”

So, Graham says, “Frankly, I totally agree with them. This is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever witnessed in my life.”

This might be the proof that shows it wasn’t really Trump Administration who stirred up trouble in Syria, but it was in fact Obama Administration. Therefore, I don’t believe in any of those arguments trying to make Trump look like “insane”, while making Obama look like a “man of reason”. Let me remind you of the things the United States had to go through under Obama in terms of both economy and foreign politics.

So, an ascent in Euro/Dollar parity seems quite normal considering all these recent events. USA has been in deep water for a very long time. But, I will certainly avoid to say what a great thing it is (obviously for others) like some random “Revanchist”.

To tell you the truth, it sad to see a country like the United States, one of the world leaders in sports, arts, music, welfare and prosperity, rights and freedoms, innovations, branding and R&D, has become so unrecognizable. I just wish some countries can get ahead in the long race not because USA has slowed down, but because they run faster.