Oh Dost looking for the reason of your love. What are you going to do? Will you be relieved when you know why? Why do they sometimes love me? you ask. Do you ask your parents, your father, or the places you've longed for? Tampering for God's sake! Love, love. Do not ask why. Do not trust your mind, trust your heart a little bit.

Discovery never fails...


Do QR coded cheques work?
5 Aralık 2019 Perşembe

The classes I teach for my PhD students at Altınbaş University are both fun and informative for all of us. Each class, PhD candidates deliver a presentation on different sectors of the economic. These presentations are only a brief summary of studies which help these candidates become entitled to a doctoral degree.

Turkey talks inflation but others talk trust and innovation
4 Aralık 2019 Çarşamba

I was in London yesterday to join Huawei’s "Trust in Tech" conference. Meanwhile, in Turkey, inflation rates were released. As the rates turned out to be as expected, I would like to write about the current focus points of the world today.

About GDP growth rates and expectations
3 Aralık 2019 Salı

As the number of those who keep telling me to ‘write shorter articles since they don’t have enough time to read them every day’ is increasing, I’m going to try to be as brief and as clear as I possibly can.

Position of women in Turkish society
2 Aralık 2019 Pazartesi

Professor Eğilmez often points out the fact that Turkish Republic is a modernization project where all Turkish women and men work and live side by side as equals. Now, let’s take a quick look at how much progress we have made so far:


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