Today is experienced in different ways before, Turkey is going to those who can see, but I can predict that the results due to the spread of education base is bigger and more desperate. Most of the last questions talk about the economic problems in many channels, and I find myself giving the same answer to a question that everyone is asking. What is the biggest problem in the economy by size? Morality!

Discovery never fails...


Keeping the Money or Spending it on to Be Happy?- 2 ...
20 Ocak 2022 Perşembe

Most of the time, people fail to save, not because their incomes are low, but because they don’t know how to manage the money they earn. Or sometimes, because they succumb to their own passions or to the wishes and desires of their family.

Keeping the Money or Spending it on to Be Happy?
19 Ocak 2022 Çarşamba

It is known fact that savings and investment behaviours change according to age. Research shows us that the generation between the ages of 18-35 has difficulties in accumulating savings, but achieves high volume in money and capital markets, the population between the ages of 35-70 years, on the other hand, has higher awareness of savings while their transaction volume in markets decreases.

Is Our Challenges with Rising FX Rates Over?...
18 Ocak 2022 Salı

In my previous articles, I talked a lot about the Turkish people's challenges about foreign currency and gold. Now I will analyse the situation which emerged as a result of the certain decisions.

17 Ocak 2022 Pazartesi



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