Today is experienced in different ways before, Turkey is going to those who can see, but I can predict that the results due to the spread of education base is bigger and more desperate. Most of the last questions talk about the economic problems in many channels, and I find myself giving the same answer to a question that everyone is asking. What is the biggest problem in the economy by size? Morality!

Discovery never fails...


Central Bank must convene a meeting at once...
7 Ağustos 2020 Cuma

And give message to financial markets by hiking rates by 200 basis points, and then make another hike if necessary on its official meeting date to introduce positive real interest rates. Otherwise, this process will lead USD/TRY exchange rate to 7.56 first and then 8.3 according to the experts. These are not my words. These are the words of the masters of technical analysis.

Are you having fun, guys?
6 Ağustos 2020 Perşembe

It sometimes makes me worried to watch young people have fun, but sometimes I too myself have fun while watching them have a good time. Sometimes, they can take risks when they’re motivated by their “adolescent joy”, but these half-baked decisions could lead to big mistakes if you don’t intervene in time, just like the market interventions of today.

What do the inflation figures tell us?
5 Ağustos 2020 Çarşamba

Let me remind of something important before I share my comments on the recently released inflation rate with you: The fact that the CBRT has suddenly increased its inflation target showed us that there has been a significant deviation from the original target.

How come they annul relegation?!...
4 Ağustos 2020 Salı

I know that today is the first day of the trading week but I’m planning on sharing with you my daily comments on financial markets tomorrow; because there is something more fun and more important I have to tackle today. Man or woman, mother or father, brother or sister, each and every citizen must take a minute and think about this nonsense since this problem concerns a lot of aspects of our lives, including especially politics and health.


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