Today is experienced in different ways before, Turkey is going to those who can see, but I can predict that the results due to the spread of education base is bigger and more desperate. Most of the last questions talk about the economic problems in many channels, and I find myself giving the same answer to a question that everyone is asking. What is the biggest problem in the economy by size? Morality!

Discovery never fails...


15 Ekim 2021 Cuma

Is the Depreciation of Turkish Lira Our Destiny?
14 Ekim 2021 Perşembe

I wrote yesterday about the rising exchange rates. Now let us take a quick look at the essence of the matter and how it all developed:

Why are exchange rates rising?
13 Ekim 2021 Çarşamba

I always say, the depreciation of Turkish Lira is Turkey's chronic problem. As the book "The Milestones in Turkish Economy", which I co-authored with Mr. Yalın Alpay, is sold around Turkey in a record number of editions, I wonder if the readers are genuinely looking at the causes of this chronic problem.

Global Corporate Tax Rates...
12 Ekim 2021 Salı

Sounds good, but I guess it’s easier said than done. Still, I can say it's a real miracle that we were able to get to this point. So, apparently, countries can come together and make rational decisions.



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