Today is experienced in different ways before, Turkey is going to those who can see, but I can predict that the results due to the spread of education base is bigger and more desperate. Most of the last questions talk about the economic problems in many channels, and I find myself giving the same answer to a question that everyone is asking. What is the biggest problem in the economy by size? Morality!

Discovery never fails...


16 Nisan 2021 Cuma

It’s the interest rates again...
15 Nisan 2021 Perşembe

In a country where everyone is in debt up to their eyeballs and takes out loans to pay off their outstanding debt, “more production” and “lower interest rates” are the popular topics, not ethics, justice, education, or value added.

Capitalism, not liberalism, is degenerating into a dangerous form
14 Nisan 2021 Çarşamba

Today, I won’t talk about the new COVID-19 related restrictions since I know that you are already confused by them. If you’ll allow me, today I’ll tackle some more basic issues. As concepts start to intertwine together, it makes us move away from the essence of the problem. So, I’ve decided to get my trains of thought straight and ratiocinate about the current flaws in the financial system.

13 Nisan 2021 Salı


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