Oh Dost looking for the reason of your love. What are you going to do? Will you be relieved when you know why? Why do they sometimes love me? you ask. Do you ask your parents, your father, or the places you've longed for? Tampering for God's sake! Love, love. Do not ask why. Do not trust your mind, trust your heart a little bit.

Discovery never fails...


Central Bank didn’t surprise us...
17 Ocak 2020 Cuma

CBRT released its decision yesterday and it was no surprise to us just as I expected. I kept saying that the CBRT should cut rates by a maximum of 100 points. Although according to some, Central Bank should have avoided cutting rates at all, I think it was a fair decision to give CBRT some credit considering it’s hard to manage financial markets and perception at the same time.

A maximum of 100 pts please...
16 Ocak 2020 Perşembe

Today at 2.00pm, CBRT will announce its rate decision. Unrealistic expectations aside, I, as the voice of reason, say that the CBRT should cut rates by a maximum of 100 points.

This year will be a whole lot different than the last one...
15 Ocak 2020 Çarşamba

At a recent signing event for my latest book "İktisattan Çıkış" (Exit from Economics), I’ve realized that I’m still signing the copies of my book using the last year’s date, which made everyone in the room, including me, burst into laugh.

Waiting for CBRT decision with undivided attention...
14 Ocak 2020 Salı

CBRT’s rate decision scheduled to be released on Thursday will mark the week. As we are all blowing off some steam after last week, we see that markets follow a rather calm and positive trend this time.


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