Oh Dost looking for the reason of your love. What are you going to do? Will you be relieved when you know why? Why do they sometimes love me? you ask. Do you ask your parents, your father, or the places you've longed for? Tampering for God's sake! Love, love. Do not ask why. Do not trust your mind, trust your heart a little bit.

Discovery never fails...


The problem is not about the system, it’s about those who interfere with it...
31 Mart 2020 Salı

The world faced two major events, one towards the end of the 1970s, and the other in the early 1980s, which respectively are “real interest rate” and “privatization”.

The Land of Those Who Can’t Decide without Being Told What to Do...
30 Mart 2020 Pazartesi

The reports and various scenarios I read about the spread rate of the coronavirus across the world show us that it may last until June that the disease will hit its peak level and start decreasing slowly. As for the US, the Americans may have to wait until the middle of July before they can breathe a sigh of relief. Obviously, these assumptions are made based on data provided in some reports or scenarios.

The pandemic may be here for a long time. Let’s be proactive...
27 Mart 2020 Cuma

Surely, you must read all reports and articles about the progress of COVID-19. You see the total number of cases across countries, the economic impact of the pandemic etc. None of this information obviously is a morale booster. We may need to revise all forecasts and predictions if things go south.

Does printing money lead to inflation…?
26 Mart 2020 Perşembe

In economic theory, “Fisher” and “Cambridge” equations tell us whether or not there will be inflation when governments print money or inject liquidity into markets. But either of these expected outcomes may not always happen. Even if it does sometimes, it may affect somewhere else.


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