Today is experienced in different ways before, Turkey is going to those who can see, but I can predict that the results due to the spread of education base is bigger and more desperate. Most of the last questions talk about the economic problems in many channels, and I find myself giving the same answer to a question that everyone is asking. What is the biggest problem in the economy by size? Morality!

Discovery never fails...


30 Ekim 2020 Cuma

Failed hopes...
28 Ekim 2020 Çarşamba

USD/TRY exchange rate was continuing to going up at a fast pace yesterday when I was commentating on Turkey’s economic outlook with TV100’s Ahu Özyurt and Nedret Ersanel. Allow me to offer an objective analysis of the recent developments in monetary and capital markets:

Trump or Biden? What’s happening in markets?
27 Ekim 2020 Salı

Dan Levent and I shared our analysis of the upcoming U.S. Presidential Elections last Sunday at a live Instagram event.

It’s not like we’re sending a rocket to Jupiter or something! No need to get offended...
26 Ekim 2020 Pazartesi

To be honest, I’m getting sick and tired of this never-ending discussion about the CBRT’s latest decision: None of the criticism I deliver is not based on an ideal economic model that I have created myself. I’ve been saying for a very long time now that the currently implemented economic model is the obsolete and outmoded, and it must be improved through high technology, innovation, high quality human capital, as well as some outstanding and skilful attempts. The government, however, apparently is very fond of this model and never wants to let it go.


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