Better late than never…

The second part of series I shared with you yesterday continues on Monday. But, on this last day of trading week, I think it would be better to talk about the current facts.

As local election approaches, I can see that tensions keep escalating in Turkey as well as in the World. Administrative and financial bodies continue to issue decisions one by one regarding a lot of matters from credit card debt restructuring to football clubs’ debts while political parties’ electoral alliances are taking further shape.

As a matter of fact, I’ve talked many times during the summer to the public and all the relevant authorities about all the steps taken so far, except football clubs’ debt restructuring. I notice that my advices back then are now being turned into solid decisions. However, these measures would be much more effective if they could have been implemented when needed, because current circumstances are way more challenging than the ones in July.

In July 2018, Turkey has left behind all those elections turmoil, the cabinet has been already established and foreign investors’ perception of Turkey has not been damaged yet. There might be only one reason why it took so long to put these decisions into effect: Right after June 24, Ankara could not manage to focus entirely on local election campaigns. Therefore, any new decision issued by Government today is being perceived like strategies to influence the decision making process within specific group of voters. To be frank, Economy Administration already had these packages ready in last July.

Elbette, imkanların daha fazla olduğu bir dönemde bu yapılandırmaların başlaması daha makul olurdu. Ancak bu şartlarda da elimizden gelenin en iyisini yapmamız gerekiyor. Yalnız, kredi kartı yapılandırmasının prensipleri tam olarak anlaşılamadı. Biraz daha açıklayıcı olmak gerekiyor sanki.

“Diplomacy gets hotter…”

I can see that Syria conflict gets hotter as well. I’m worried about a possible irrational bold action from the US Government to change the global agenda as the US seems more and more likely to face an economic slowdown. There’s also the possibility that problems can arise not within Trump’s knowledge in a period where the conflict between Pentagon-CIA and White House keeps escalating. Everyone should be extremely careful unless they are wishing for another Muavenet crisis.

On the other hand, the fact that concerns of economic slowdown in the US and Germany are almost confirmed by the latest economic data may lead to further complications in both domestic and foreign policies of these two countries. It looks like we’ll have to keep closer track of critical global issues over the upcoming days.

I’ll be back on Monday with the second part of my article on “new export vision”.